Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1968?

Are you Team Spock or Team Gomer?

What a year! And they call today the golden age of television. Bah! The schedule was stacked with classics in 1968 — stacked! So many of our favorites were on the air that year.

Which makes it a particular hard year to play What Would You Watch? There were no VCRs, no DVRs. You had to pick and stick.

So, what would you have watched? Pick from below and see how your tastes compare!
  1. We begin on a sunny Saturday morning. You have a big bowl of new Cinna-mum-m-m Cereal. Time for some cartoons. Pick one to watch at 10AM.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. After a Saturday afternoon of playing outside, you eat dinner and settle down with the family in front of the TV. What is on at 7:30PM?
     Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  3. Okay, now that show's over. Turn the knob to channel at 8:30PM.
  4. Sunday is here. Dad watched sports on TV all day, but now you have control. What to watch at 7PM?
  5. Good news — Monday is a holiday! You have no school. Watch something on TV at 10:30AM.
  6. It's now 4PM and you've been watching TV all day. Hey, it's a day off. What's on now?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Monday evening brings all sorts of shows. There may be three channels, but there certainly is a variety at 7:30PM.
  8. Okay, what are you watching next at 8:30PM?
  9. Here's a tough choice for winter Monday at 10PM.
  10. It is now Tuesday. After a long day at school, you've done your homework. Now watch something on TV at 7:30PM.
  11. On Wednesday back in spring, here's what was on at 7:30PM. What did you watch?
  12. What about Thursday at 7:30PM?
  13. Back to the fall lineup. Here's what was on Thursday at 8:30PM. Tough choice, but you get to make it.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  14. On a Friday night, were you more into sci-fi, spies or giggles at 8:30PM?

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1968?

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DerekBird 30 months ago
80% similar
80% similar to the most popular responses
WandaBaker 30 months ago
80% similar. Some were tough choices.
RB 30 months ago
72% similar, which is more than I expected to be. Back then, most homes had only one television set, if any. My choices reflect what I would have watched if I'd had my choice, but I would have been outvoted on many of these, and would have ended up watching my brothers' choices instead.
Snickers 34 months ago
92% similar. Watched most of these shows.
DerekBird 41 months ago
75% similar
75% similar to the most popular responses
DouglasMorris 41 months ago
75% similar! I was born in 1972.
Dario 41 months ago
80% similar. 😁😁😁😁😁
Runeshaper 57 months ago
82% similar
82% similar to the most popular responses
Tammy 63 months ago
I was only 1 in 68 Kid me may have chose The Archie's while current me might choose Spidey
LeeHarper 63 months ago
77% similar. I have been assimilated.
Tony 63 months ago
Who would choose Star Trek over Gomer?
RB Tony 30 months ago
Me too.
ndebrabant 63 months ago

65% similar
65% similar to the most popular responses
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