Pick: Go trick or treating in the 1960s and see how popular your candy tastes are

What kind of retro sweet tooth do you have?


Halloween hasn't changed much over the decades, but there are subtle changes. Back in the 1960s, you would not have seen a bloody little zombie going door to door, just as today you will likely not see many wee Gilligans. Similarly, the treats given out have evolved over the years. 

We are rolling back the clock half a century. Let's take a nostalgic trick-or-treat trot through a neighborhood in the 1960s. Here are some candies you might have seen on offer. You can only take one. 

See how your picks stack up against others! Don't worry — there's an endless supply of sweets in this fantasy.
  1. The first house is offering two homemade treats. Remember when people used to do that? Anyway, the options are candy apples or popcorn balls. What will you get stuck in your teeth?
  2. The next house on the block has two chewy, fruity options. Pick one.
  3. Moving on. This next place has some candy offering a variety of flavors. Which do you prefer?
  4. The neighbors are going old school. Do you want Necco Wafers or Candy Buttons?
  5. House five holds out a big basket filled with Black Taffy and Root Beer Barrels. Grab a handful.
  6. Up the street is a dentist who is looking for new business. He's offering Pixy Stix and Slo Pokes.
  7. Walking on, we discover a home giving out treats both sour and spicy. Pick one.
  8. A hip couple up the road likes to have the latest things. Like these two new candies introduced in the 1960s. Pick one!
  9. The next family is more nostalgic. They are offering Satellite Wafers and Tootsie Rolls.
  10. Finally, we come to another mod family into new candy. Here is something from '62 and something from '68.

Pick: Go trick or treating in the 1960s and see how popular your candy tastes are

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Mukusthebadd1 31 months ago
The 100 grand bars, used to be called 100,000 dollar bars. Then they had to be dorks and change the name.
ttenchantr 31 months ago
Never heard of some of these: Lik-M-Aid, Zotz, Satellite Wafers, Slo Poke, or Black Taffy.
idkwut2use 41 months ago
78% similar. Fun—some choices much easier than others of course. Some of the candies I unfortunately think I’m unfamiliar with. E.g., Satellite Wafers look great, but I had to go with the other option.
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