Pick a vintage soda & we'll guess your favorite classic TV character

Can your soda preference reveal your TV taste?

It's summertime and coolers everywhere are stocked with familiar soda cans families have sipped for decades.

Everybody has a favorite bubbly beverage, and it's likely in your lifetime, you've seen the can it comes in slightly shift its look over time. Here, we've pulled some vintage can designs to show you how your favorites looked when they were introduced earlier on. Pick the can that appeals to you the most, and we think something about your soda choice will reveal more than you think about the TV shows you dig.

Don't believe us? Pop open a can below and see if the bubbles rise to the top of your TV tastes!
  1. Pick a vintage soda can that appeals to you & we'll show you a TV character you'd probably love:

Pick a vintage soda & we'll guess your favorite classic TV character

Your Result...

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AnnaRentzVandenhazel 23 months ago
"You're probably a fan of Judy Robinson"

One problem - I barely know who she is, I can count on one hand how many times I've actually seen "Lost in Space". 😀
Mukusthebadd1 24 months ago
I picked **** and ended up with ****.
I picked until I liked who was in the picture.
TheFanFromUNCLE 26 months ago
I got Little Joe. Bonanza was before my time but I liked him on Little House and loved him on Highway to Heaven.
TheSentinel 37 months ago
Picked Pepsi, got Wonder Woman.
luv2laughoutloud 55 months ago
I love to watch the Andy Griffith Show every night, it is a good and funny show to watch.
idkwut2use 55 months ago
"You're probably a fan of Judy Robinson
Lost in Space's Judy Robinson joined a cast of brightly colored characters, but her purple leggings prove her style Crush-ed it perhaps just a bit more than the others."

Good guess based on grape soda, I suppose. xD Not my fave, but the show is fun after Svengoolie, and I do dig the purple/green/yellow clothing scheme.
Bobbo 59 months ago
I got I Dream of Jeannie.
LindaWilliams 59 months ago
You're probably a fan of Andy Taylor

With his brown hair and tan uniform, Sheriff Andy Taylor has the country cool of a foaming mug of root beer. Their right I love Andy Griffith
scp 59 months ago
Okay, the whole premise of this is nuts.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel scp 23 months ago
Agreed, when did Judy Robinson ever drink Grape Crush? 😀
Pnut67 59 months ago
I figured this one out...because I just went through & picked every one....its going by costumes, not neccesairly the actors themselves.
Pnut67 59 months ago
I picked Hubba Bubba just to see what kind of answer I would get....I got Thelma Harper, which ain't all that bad cause I lived "Mamna's Family"....bith the original aired & the syndicated reruns.....but now as far as Hubba Bubba cola....never heard of it, must have been a regional thing.
Lucyneenah19701 59 months ago
I chose Coca-Cola. But I'm not a Mork & Mindy fan. My favorite T.V. show is I Love Lucy!
john 59 months ago
Where's my squirt? That's all I ever drank...besides RC cola.
thedude1500 59 months ago
Where's my Tiger Red or my RC Cola
MrBill 59 months ago
Sprite is my favorite soda beverage but I am not a fan of Star Trek. You got this one wrong METV.
AgingDisgracefully 59 months ago
I picked Tap Water (warm) and they gave me Les Nessman.
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