Pick: Which burger chain do you actually like better, Burger King or McDonald’s?

Today it's "Have it your way" vs. "I'm lovin' it."

It's the ultimate question for kids begging for fast food everywhere: Burger King or McDonald's?

One was found in 1940, with the other following in more than a dozen years later. One has a clown pushing burgers, the other a clownish king.

Do you have a clear preference, even if you haven't stopped by in many years? Scroll through the menu below, including some bygone favorite menu items, and see which fast food chain actually gets to take your order.
  1. First things first. Which burger would you grab?
  2. Let's get salty. Which chain has better French fries?
  3. Choose a chicken sandwich: Long Chicken or McChicken?
  4. Choose some more chicken: McNuggets or Chicken Tenders?
  5. Any seafood fans: The Whaler or Filet-O-Fish?
  6. How do you feel about themed sandwiches: Rodeo Burger or The Hula Burger?
  7. If you get there in time for breakfast, which one are you choosing: Egg McMuffin or Croissan'wich?
  8. Let's say you're feeling like some fancy fast food. Which prime meat do you pick: Sirloin Steak Sandwich or McRib?
  9. Can't leave without something sweet. Whether it's shakes or an apple or Hershey's sundae pie, which chain has better desserts?

Pick: Which burger chain do you actually like better, Burger King or McDonald’s?

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DCole21 5 months ago
Like MsDs back when it was better burgers now there flat like a piece of card board and the veggies were green not white lettuce and Burger King has nice burgers you can enjoy the taste and mouth watering..yum..
Rickey 24 months ago
You like McDonald's
You're lovin' it!
idkwut2use 24 months ago
Thought I liked 'em about equally...guess my responses (some of which were random/unsure) were weighted toward Mccy-D's.
rycki1138 24 months ago
You like Burger King
You clearly like to have it your way!
JeffTanner 24 months ago
''You like McDonald's.'' -----------You're lovin' it!
boopinbama 27 months ago
I agree pnut67 this is no place for their solicitation!
Pnut67 27 months ago
METV...Cant you do something about these irritating "Make money @ home" posts? It's not relative to whatever is being talked about....yet y'all let them happen in every comments section I have seen on your site. Do y'all NOT have a comments monitor? If not....I will GLADLY apply for the position...& you will see spam disappear quicker than you can say spam.
Corey 28 months ago
ELEANOR 28 months ago
Don't even know why I did this quiz. I'm gluten intolerant and I haven't even had a normal hamburger bun in I don't know how long. Don't even miss them.
thedude1500 28 months ago
The actual answer to all the questions is Freddy's
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