Only true fans will score a winning verdict on this 'Perry Mason' quiz

Love 'Perry Mason'? We're gonna need you to answer a couple questions.

Audiences have been hooked on Perry Mason's mysteries for decades. One of the longest-running legal dramas in TV history, it's also notably one of the hardest to write, with a tricky formula that kept viewers riveted, looking for clues to solve the case on their own.

If you were glued to the screen for every breathless second, right up to the series' unjustly abrupt cancellation, this quiz is for you. 

Only the biggest Perry Mason fans will make it through with a winning verdict. Miss too many, and you risk a mistrial. Good luck!

  1. In what year did 'Perry Mason' premiere?
  2. Where did Perry Mason serve as a criminal defense lawyer?
  3. Did Perry Mason ever lose a case?
  4. What was the case called in the very first episode of 'Perry Mason'?
  5. What was the name of Perry Mason’s secretary?
  6. For the first five seasons, 'Perry Mason' aired on which night?
  7. Perry Mason novelist Erle Stanley Gardner made his acting debut on 'Perry Mason' playing:
  8. What’s the title of the 'Perry Mason' theme song?
  9. How many Emmy Awards did Raymond Burr win for his role as Perry Mason?
  10. Who was the district attorney who frequently served as Perry Mason’s legal opponent?
  11. How many total episodes of 'Perry Mason' were there?
  12. The final episode of Perry Mason has a pretty appropriate plot. Which description below best describes the last episode?
Only true fans will score a winning verdict on this 'Perry Mason' quiz

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