Only the biggest sitcom fan can name 10/12 of these recurring TV characters

It's time we salute the supporting cast.

Just about anybody can name the stars on classic sitcoms, who are by now pop culture icons. But it takes a real fan like you to appreciate all the nuance and recognize how the supporting cast helped carry the best hit sitcoms to fame.

Today, we point to memorable recurring characters who appeared on our favorite sitcoms and put your memory to the test. 

Think you can name 10/12? That's what it takes to be dubbed a Sitcom Expert! Good luck!
  1. This character found himself in Andy's jail so often on The Andy Griffith Show that he often let himself out when his sentence was filled. What was his name?
  2. On The Brady Bunch, this was Alice's beau, a butcher named:
  3. We didn't meet this character until the last few seasons of Happy Days, but he's memorable for his distinct fashion choices. What was his name?
  4. On I Love Lucy, this was one of Lucy's best friends who appeared in 10 episodes. What was her name?
  5. We saw this familiar face memorably pop up on Taxi as Louie De Palma's girlfriend across six episodes. What was her name?
  6. On M*A*S*H, she ran the bar the cast frequented, which was named for her. What was her name?
  7. We often saw this guy on the far right of Cliff and Norm on Cheers. He appeared in 55 episodes and was a former fitness instructor. What was his name?
  8. On ALF, Kate's mom was the most frequent family visitor. What was her name?
  9. If you ask her, this authority figure really runs the show on WKRP in Cincinnati. What was her name?
  10. We saw this special cousin on The Beverly Hillbillies more than two dozen times. What was her name?
  11. George Clooney stood out on the otherwise all-female cast on The Facts of Life, hired as a carpenter to help around the house. What was his name?
  12. On The Odd Couple, Felix dated this character across 17 episodes. What was her name?

Only the biggest sitcom fan can name 10/12 of these recurring TV characters

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DouglasMorris 20 months ago
11/12! missed number 12 which did me in.
LynCarceo 20 months ago
7 out of 12, and I guessed through most of them.
idkwut2use 20 months ago
Carolyn Appleby, not Caroline ;)
EllisClevenger 40 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Sitcom Expert! The supporting cast salutes you!
Missed #7. Cheers!
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