Only a mega Monkees fan can complete the names of these early songs

Prove you're the best at monkeying around.

The Monkees put out eight records in the 1960s, and their first four records all shot to No. 1. 

That's a lot of memorable music, but for this quirky bunch, there may be some more unusual numbers from early discs that we think some fans might've forgotten. 

To remind you of all our favorite tunes, here's a quiz that omits one word from classic Monkees tracks. See if you can complete the names of all these songs. Good luck!
  1. Fill in the blank: [???] Believer
  2. Fill in the blank: Pleasant Valley [???]
  3. Fill in the blank: (I'm Not Your) [???] Stone
  4. Fill in the blank: Last [???] to Clarksville
  5. Fill in the blank: I Wanna Be [???]
  6. Fill in the blank: Listen to the [???]
  7. Fill in the blank: A Little Bit [???], A Little Bit [???]
  8. Fill in the blank: [???] Song
  9. Fill in the blank: Gonna Buy Me a [???]
  10. Fill in the blank: Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig [???]
  11. Fill in the blank: For [???] Sake
  12. Fill in the blank: Your Auntie [???]

Only a mega Monkees fan can complete the names of these early songs

Your Result...

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Snickers 22 months ago
8/12. Some of these I don't remember but loved their music growing up.
Stefanie24 25 months ago
Sometime in the Morning...not only is it my fave Monkees song, its my all time favorite song.
jerdixie 63 months ago
I scored 9/12. I don't remember the porpoise (or dolphin) song.l

Are y'all aware that Peter Tork died on February 21, 2019. Just about 10 days ago. He died from a rare form of cancer, it says. Very sad. Davy died quite a few years ago. I think the other two are still alive.
Yes, METV did an Obit. on him, and a couple of Sundays ago, they aired two episodes of Peter's One Man Shy, and The Devil and Peter Tork. The ratings for them were so good, that beginning last Sunday: 2/26,} METV began airing THE MONKEES in the Sunday at 5-6 p.m. time slot, that was previously filled by THE JEFFERSONS.
EdCaf 63 months ago
Wait...the first one...the correct answer is "Both Believer"? Not I'm a Believer?
jerdixie EdCaf 63 months ago
The correct answer is both "Daydream Believer" and "I'm a Believer". Davy sang Daydream Believer and Mickey sang I'm a Believer.
JeanHarrisonMcCormic 63 months ago
JeanHarrisonMcCormic 63 months ago
This comment has been removed.
What does any of the above have to do with THE MONKEES and their music? To answer my question with the title of one of THE MONKEES "songs:" "ZILCH!"
MrBill 63 months ago
9/12; not too bad a score considering I only knew their 4 number one songs and had to guess on most of these.
Deepizzaguy 63 months ago
Five out of 12 on this Monkees quiz. I remember their show on the A F R T S television station in Panama.
RichardPniewski 63 months ago
I would put "Me and Magdalena" in a top 5 list.
Vrinda 63 months ago
You got 7 out of 12. Hey, hey they're the Monkees, and people say they're cool with you monkeying around, too.
Tresix 63 months ago
9/12. "For Pete's Sake" is my all-time favorite Monkees' song. Whenever I hear it, I think of the end of the show. I do remember the one time they performed it ON the show, where the boys are goofing around on a TV stage. Incidentally, R.I.P.: Peter Tork.
Do you own THE MONKEES on dvd? If so, then have you listened to the interview w/Peter, {I think it was during the episode he directed.} The reason why "FOR PETE'S SAKE" was chosen as the closing "theme?" According to Peter, they {"Golden Ear himself, Don Kirshner, etc.} chose his song to be patronizing. They felt that if they did, it would have kept Peter from leaving. Which we all know that plan backfired.
GarryDavis 63 months ago
"here's a quiz that omits one word from classic Monkees tracks." "I'm a" is two words, so I went back and retook it after this first one. So 12 of 12.
Anskyseven 63 months ago
9 out of 12! Loved the Monkees growing up and still love them! Always happy when Monkees songs come on the 60’s XM station!
Joseph 63 months ago
11/12. The first seven were a cinch, but after that it was strictly guesswork.
JackyPierceFriedman 63 months ago
Was a big Monkees fan. Still am. Forgot alot of the songs though 😞
flasteve 63 months ago
This way was easy for us (but then again our ages help - I'm 61 and my wife's 65).
12/12. Growing up in the 60's has its advantages. This is all well and good, but as the demographics change, mark my words MeTV will flush our age group away entirely.....
It's the way TV has been, is and will be. Look at TVLand and does anybody remember their initial programming. I rest my case. The introduction of the post baby boomer TV shows will be the mainstream of this stations programming soon enough. We love living in the 50's and 60's TV wise.

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moax429 moax429 63 months ago
By the way - 10/12. I have the Monkees' first two albums on CD (on Arista, before Rhino assumed control of all things Monkees).
jerdixie moax429 63 months ago
I have a couple of the Monkees albums on actual albums/records. I bought me one of those old timey looking record players and listen to all my old records. Wonderful!!
Anybody remember when TVLAND would also air original commercials during the same commercial breaks that the current commercials would air?
On Saturday's I think it was in the a.m. it was classic fare: cartoons, HR Puff N Stuff, etc. In the afternoons: cop shows like: Mannix, Baretta, Kojak, etc.
BarneyFice 63 months ago
12/12. Fun quiz! Started listening to the monkees 2 years ago lol.
CarrieMcCourt 63 months ago
11/12 Missed #8
thedude1500 CarrieMcCourt 63 months ago
You need to go and find the movie "Head" (no its not a porno). It stars the Monkees with a screenplay by none other than Jack Nicholson (who did it in exchange for the Monkees' director and producers funding Easy Rider, which also shares a couple cast members, including a young Toni "Oh Mickey" Basil).
They were stoned while they were writing the screenplay. {Which most of us fans know about.} It probably would have turned out differently, had they been straight while writing it. But not quite as surreal.
Michael51202800 63 months ago
I did awful! Daydream believer wasn't fair!
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