Live your best witch life, and we'll assign you a witchy woman

This quiz will cast a spell on you.


LOONEY TUNES and all related characters are ™ of & © WBEI

Be honest, you probably wanted to be a witch at some point during your childhood. Well today, we're fulfilling that dream! Please answer these quiz questions about living your best witch life, and we'll assign a witch to your personality!

  1. Please choose an element to master the power of
  2. Choose a familiar animal to cuddle with
  3. What kind of magic is your specialty?
  4. Choose your mode of transportation
  5. Choose a witch you'd want as your best friend
  6. Are you a good witch or an evil witch?
  7. Choose a mentor
  8. Choose a song you want to be your anthem
  9. What's your wardrobe?
  10. Please choose an animated witch

Live your best witch life, and we'll assign you a witchy woman

Your Result...

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Beatseeker 9 months ago
stevie?! yuck!
(by the way... i cheated... i'm a dude...)
bmoore4026 9 months ago
I'm Stevie Nicks. So stand back, stand back.
micheleb 9 months ago
Stevie Nicks
I’ll take her😘
mugens 9 months ago
Yeah, color me Elvira as well.
Moverfan mugens 8 months ago
I'm five feet tall (five-one on a good day...or in sneskers), a bit chunky and blonde...and I got Elvira too. Oh, well...hi ho Silver, away!
dodgebob 9 months ago
Elvira it is, I'm tongue tied. I have a feeling I know "whitch" choice on whitch couple of questions made it lean towards Elvira. No haha, no hehe but yippie.
Mimi1215 9 months ago
I'm Elvira, haha! 🧛🏻‍♀️
tabbiwytch 9 months ago
Elvira is one of my favs!!! I’d love to be her, but I don’t have her body. Lol
TSeym22 9 months ago
I got Stevie Nicks. No thank you!
ERROL 9 months ago
Live your best witch life, and we'll assign you a witchy woman
You are Stevie Nicks
IdaKnow56 9 months ago
Yes, I am Elvira! Ha, I wish! She's so hot, she still looks sexy over 70. I'm still in my 60's, and need a lot of makeup, padding, and a wig to look half as good as she does.
Jackhammer 9 months ago
Lol.. Stevie Nicks..she used to be hot anyway.. Way back in the day..
raibreth 9 months ago
Stevie Nicks! I'm cool with that.
AgingDisgracefully 9 months ago
Stevie Nicks? Isn't she one of those Moodswing* Women?
(*EXCEEDS Factory Settings.)
JDWJDW2 9 months ago
Morticia Addams is perfect for me. I'd definitely be brewing up some troubling potions for humanity.
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