How well do you remember these monsters' family trees?

Let's SEE how well you know the TREE!


Maybe you're a monster expert, but are you an expert on their family tree?

We're putting your brain to the test on all things monster-adjacent as we ask you trivia questions about monster's (and monster actor's) family members!

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  1. A 1936 film introduces Dracula's daughter. What is her name?
  2. Which actress played The Monster's Bride in Bride of Frankenstein?
  3. In The Mummy, Imhotep is killed on the order of his lover's father. What is his name?
  4. Allegedly, Lon Cheney Jr.'s dog made an appearance in 1941's The Wolf Man. What is the dog's name?
  5. In The Invisible Man Returns, Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe is charged with the murder of his brother. Which of his family members actually committed that crime?
  6. In the Invisible Woman, Kitty Carroll passes her invisibility on to which of her family members?
  7. Which family member of the wolf man kills him in The Wolf Man?
  8. In Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, which monster's daughter does not attend Miss Grimwood's Finishing School For Girls?
  9. Which monster actor's son followed in his father's footsteps?
  10. According to The Son of Dracula, who is the son of Dracula?

How well do you remember these monsters' family trees?

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IndianaRockz 7 months ago
8/10 honestly, lots of guessing!
DK 7 months ago
9/10. I am a good guesser.
Snickers 7 months ago
8/10. Guess I did a little pruning on those family trees.
ironman2000 7 months ago
9 of 10
ironman2000 ironman2000 7 months ago
The Lon Chaney Jr. questions helped.
justjeff 7 months ago
9/10 - mostly all by guesswork...
Tresix 7 months ago
7/10. Two of the three that I got wrong I was going to originally select the right answer but second guessed myself. Got to learn to trust my instincts.
Andybandit 7 months ago
I got 3/10. I got #1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10 wrong. I didn't see movie these closely obviously.
KJExpress 7 months ago
7/10. 🧛‍♂️🧟‍♀️
Peter_Falk_Fan 7 months ago
7/10 His dog's name? Really? Anyway, most of these were guesses.
I can remember reading that story. I think it was mentioned in a story on the METV site.
Oh, I must've missed that story. I chose Buddy. Moose would've been my last choice.
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