Is this lyric from the first or last Beatles album?

Can you remember the first and final albums of the Fab Four?


If you're a fan of The Beatles, you've probably heard their newest (and final) song, "Now and Then." In this quiz, we're playing a little game called Now OR Then, where you have to guess whether the provided lyric came from the first studio album The Beatles released, Please Please Me, or their final studio album release, Let It Be.

  1. "I'll remember all the little things we've done. Can't she see she'll always be the only one?"
  2. "You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead."
  3. "And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me."
  4. "I can't believe it's happened to me. I can't conceive of any more misery."
  5. "Everybody pulled their socks up. Everybody put their foot down."
  6. "You'll never know how much I really love you. You'll never know how much I really care."
  7. "Someone to love, somebody new. Someone to love, someone like you."
  8. "All the girls around her say she's got it coming. But she gets it while she can."
  9. "Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes".
  10. "I think of you and things you do."

Is this lyric from the first or last Beatles album?

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CuratoryG 5 months ago
I am working on my own Beatles story if my other projects don't get in the way.
CrumblyCrunchies 5 months ago
I knows my Fab Four. Tai guru devla...omm.
AllisonWunderland 6 months ago
8/10…I impressed myself on this one ☺️
ASperos 6 months ago
9/10!!! I love the Beatles!!!
AgingDisgracefully 6 months ago
Speaking words of quiz.
Yort 6 months ago
I hate to brag but.......10 outta 10!
Gossemer 6 months ago
10/10 spent alot of time spinning Beatles vinal in my room. Guess they were my first real band after " the wheels on the bus" lol
frenchman71 6 months ago
8/10. The Beatles got a little off-the-wall during their last couple years.
cperrynaples 6 months ago
8/10! I'm trying to guess the songs and here are my thoughts: 2 is The Long And Winding Road, 3 is Let It Be [DUH!], 6 is Do You Want To Know A Secret, 7 is Love Me Do [DUH!], & 8 is Get Back!
nd1irish cperrynaples 6 months ago
1. Misery. 4. Ask me why. 5. I’ve Got a Feeling 9. Across the Universe 10. There’s a Place 🎵
trogg888 6 months ago
I was in Memphis TN when the Beatles played and I couldn't get my mom to take me to see them because she had taken me to see a hard day's night at the movie theater and the girls screamed through the entire movie so loud you couldn't hear the show.thysanks a lot brats.i had every Beatles album and learned how to sing harmony listening to them.and made a decent living playing in a cover band for 50 years,thanks guys for the inspiration there will never be anything like you again
JHP trogg888 6 months ago
you are correct !!!

But am a music lover and a luke-warm fab-4 fan
Chickee trogg888 6 months ago
What was the name of your coverband? I used to see a coverband at Beatlefest called "Liverpool."
RobertK 6 months ago
10 of 10. Growing up with a Beatles crazy teenage sister and listening to the Beatles over and over, day in and day out when I was a kid, finally paid off in this quiz!
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