How well do you remember the wedding of Sheriff Andy and Helen Crump?

Test your knowledge of this happy Mayberry union!


You had to figure that a happy, feel-good show like The Andy Griffith Show would have a happy ending. Inevitably, Sheriff Andy would settle down and find a wife.

He did indeed find the love of his life, but their wedding had to wait for another series. "Andy and Helen Get Married" aired as an episode of the spinoff Mayberry R.F.D

With all the familiar characters, it feels like an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. (It would be the last time we saw Barney Fife until the reunion movie Return to Mayberry years later.)

Let's see how well you remember this cheerful event.

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  1. "Andy and Helen Get Married" was an episode of 'Mayberry R.F.D.' Which episode of that series was it?
  2. Aunt Bee is afraid of the animals in the barn, including "Irma." What kind of animal is Irma?
  3. Does Gomer Pyle come to the wedding?
  4. Where do Andy and Helen go for their honeymoon?
  5. This is Mike Jones, the principal kid character of 'Mayberry R.F.D.' In real life, this actor is the older brother of which Seventies child star?
  6. Who gives a toast at the bachelor party at the beginning, comparing the ideal bridegroom to "garlic in spaghetti sauce"?
  7. Aunt Bee declares she is moving to live with her sister in which state?
  8. How many handkerchiefs does Aunt Bee bring to the wedding?
  9. Remember back to the first episode of 'The Andy Griffith Show'. That episode, "The New Housekeeper", opens with a wedding. Opie objects to the union. Does anyone object to the union of Andy and Helen?
  10. Barney misplaces the wedding ring and can't find it on his body. Where is the ring eventually found?
  11. This is the reverend who weds Andy and Helen. What is his name?
  12. Andy will not let Goober carry a revolver while he fills in as sheriff. What does Goober carry in his holster instead?
  13. Who walks Helen down the aisle?
  14. Sam proves he can't cook when he ruins a simple meal with too much salt. What does he make?
  15. What does Howard suggest Andy and Helen see on their honeymoon?
  16. This mystery man appears in many episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show.' He also pops up at Andy's bachelor party. Nobody knows the name of the actor to this day. What is the name of this mystery Mayberry citizen?
  17. What song does Andy sing with his guitar at the end?

How well do you remember the wedding of Sheriff Andy and Helen Crump?

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TomBurkhart 48 months ago
yeah I never saw the show. Anyone remember the New AGS...;....he was married in that and had 2 kids, Barney and goober and another showed up looking for property.

Oldiestvrocks 48 months ago
MeTV keeps advertising that they will be airing the "Return to Mayberry" movie but I have yet to see the date time. Does anyone know?
jedcairnes Oldiestvrocks 48 months ago
Hello oldiestvrocks,
The answer to your question is: The return to Mayberry movie will be showing Sunday May 31 at 5pm/4pm central to wrap up the Month. Hope that is helpful. Enjoy the rest of the month of Mayberry. You can read more about it here.
KellyM 49 months ago
Q # 17 - Barney also sings the final song with Andy on the honeymoon. Surprised they didn't have any question about Barney walking with the newly married couple down the aisle.
David 49 months ago
Andy should have married Peggy McMillin - extremely beautiful and she can cook!
idkwut2use 49 months ago
I believe it’s called a scarlet ibis rather than egret (one of my favorite birds, saw them in short neon-red flamingos.)
MrBill 49 months ago
16/17; I just watched the episode today but did not pay attention to what Goober had in his pocket.
ETristanBooth 49 months ago
Watching the episode just now, I noticed that Aunt Bee's suit at the wedding looks like carnival glass. (See #8 above.)
hermanstein2015 49 months ago
You got 17 out of 17. I did watch the episode and redo the quiz cause I disappointed in myself lol
Eric 49 months ago
It's not on prime but all the Andy Griffith shows are! No wonder I have not heard about it until now!!!
hermanstein2015 Eric 49 months ago
Cause this one was Mayberry RFD :)
Tony 49 months ago
12/17. Not bad considering I've never seen the episode.
MarthaWashington 49 months ago
Can anyone remember which season and or episode of Mayberry RFD, where Andy and Helen return to have their new baby baptized, I believe his name was Andy Jr.
Season 2, Episode 1 :)
But poor Andy Jr. was forgotten in Return to Mayberry. Perhaps he was away at college.
RogerClyneIsAGod 49 months ago
I'd totally forgotten about his episode!! So glad they're re-running it. TAGS has been a go-to lately to avoid all the doom & gloom news cycle. I can only take so much of that stuff & TAGS has been a great escape.
MikefromJersey 49 months ago
Have to agree with the other posters here over the poor casting of Helen Crump. She always seemed
angry and dour, as if she was irate she had to play the part. Everybody else in Mayberry was lively
and someone you'd like to spend time with, which is why we still like "visiting" there.
KellyM MikefromJersey 49 months ago
I think they had 'planned' that Elinor Donahue "Ellie" be his 'girl' for longer than she was but Ellie and Andy didn't 'get along' in 'real life.'
Ceecee 49 months ago
I agree Steve, didn't care for Helen that much. Her character was bossy, jealous, and assuming. And Barney with them on their honeymoon? That did it for me.
steviebeefs 49 months ago
Lost a lot of respect for Andy when he didn't choose Miss Peggy McMillan all those years ago. She was much better than Helen.
I'm wondering if they didn't keep her because that was the time she was married to Ryan O'Neal. She started using drugs and alcohol.
Muleskinner 49 months ago
10/17. I did remember Mr. Schwamp.
MarthaWashington 49 months ago
I just checked the METV schedule for tomorrow....I get paid programming from much for watching Andy and Helen get married.....
Altitude5280 49 months ago
Weird how nobody to this day knows the name of that actor in question 16.
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