How well do you really know Opie Taylor?

These details are as small as first-season Opie!

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Ron Howard stole our hearts as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show. Howard credited much of his future success to this early role. In an interview with PopEater in 2010, Howard said, "[Andy Griffith] treated me really well, but he made it a learning experience, not in a stern, taskmaster kind of a way, but I was really allowed a real insight into creativity and how things work and why some scenes were funny and others weren't. That insight has served me really well over the years. Andy was really kind to me, always playful and fun, but, by the same token, he wanted to get the work done." 

Howard appeared most of the episodes of the show, an impressive run for someone growing up in the business. 

We want to see how well you know America's favorite rock-skipping, bike-riding, question-asking son. Can you answer all of these questions about Opie Taylor? Good luck!

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  1. As a child (think: black-and-white episodes), who is Opie's best friend?
  2. You can't spell Opie without pie! In "Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain," Aunt Bee makes Opie his favorite pie. What is his favorite pie?
  3. In "Opie's Job" what is Opie's Job?
  4. As a teenager (think: color episodes), who was Opie's good friend?
  5. What is the name of Opie's wife? A helpful hint: We learn this in the reunion movie, 'Return to Mayberry.'
  6. In "Andy's Investment," what does Opie say he is going to study in college?
  7. When the series first kicks off, how old is Opie?
  8. Opie isn't a huge fan of Aunt Bee when she first arrives. What is the name of the housekeeper whom Aunt Bee replaced and Opie adored?
  9. What does Opie call his father?
  10. According the to TV reunion Return to Mayberry, what is Opie's adult career?

How well do you really know Opie Taylor?

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Pastorgman 14 months ago
10/10 -OMG, I’ve become a Mayberrian!
VirginiaNoyes 16 months ago
Excuse me but Aunt Bee always made APPLE PIE! I do not recall every hearing that other one!
You must not've been paying attention.
RedSamRackham 16 months ago
* In a SNL sketch with Ron as guest host Eddie Murphy called him Opie Cunningham!
worldsbestfun 16 months ago
It would be REALLY, Interesting to see how many Ron Howard could get on this Fun Quiz!! LOL ;-)
beefers63 16 months ago
According to Season 1, Episode 32 (Bringing up Opie), Aunt Bee makes Opie an apple pie because it is his favorite.
graceful1970 22 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Wowee! You could easily be Opie's new best friend. Well done!
eddiecantorfan 24 months ago
Who is the Best Practical Jokers on
A TV Sitcom?
I picked Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde)
On Bewitched.
LoveMETV22 eddiecantorfan 24 months ago
Best Practical Joker on a TV Series?
Allen Funt on Candid Camera.
eddiecantorfan LoveMETV22 24 months ago
Smile You're on Candid Camera
What a wonderful show.
I think that DURWOOD KIRBY
Also of The GARRY Moore Show
Was the co host.
Allen Funt was a great practical
Joker on CBS.
vinman63 24 months ago
I got 3 not a fan by of the show.
ycats71 24 months ago
Well, didn’t do so hot. Missed all answers involving color episodes. Don’t watch them. They’re terrible. Rather have a root canal than watch an episode centered around Howard Sprague.
RedSamRackham ycats71 16 months ago
* I was not a big fan of the B&W or color Aunt Bee episodes particularly the bed jacket one! B-b-but Howard the comedian was a pretty good color episode!
eddiecantorfan 24 months ago
There is a cartoon version of
Joe Penner (1904-1941) in this
Cartoon called Porky's Duck Hunt. There is also a photo of Joe Penner in this cartoon.
eddiecantorfan 24 months ago
In this clip from the Merrie Melodies Cartoon there Is a
Cartoon version of Eddie Cantor and the name of the
Cartoon is Billboard FROLICS.
robyni23 24 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Wowee! You could easily be Opie's new best friend. Well done!
Missed #3 and #6
eddiecantorfan 24 months ago
"Mayberry is my Hometown"
Ed Sawyer in Stranger In Town
Episode of The Andy Griffith show .

TownOfMayberry 24 months ago
Easy peasy!

You got 10 out of 10

Wowee! You could easily be Opie's new best friend. Well done!
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