Can you guess what show Dennis Weaver is in?

He was a cowboy crimefighter and costarred with a bear.


Dennis Weaver will forever be known as Chester in Gunsmoke but the versatile actor played many other memorable roles on television. He was equally comfortable in serious roles as well as comic relief.

Here is Weaver in a variety of small-screen parts from the Fifties to the Eighties. Can you guess what each image is from?

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  1. Dennis Weaver played a New Mexico Marshal in New York City in...
  2. Which Western is Weaver in here?
  3. Weaver was trapped in a nightmare on which anthology series?
  4. Can you tell which show Weaver is in here?
  5. Do you know what show this is?
  6. Weaver starred with Harry Morgan in what?
  7. This short-lived cop drama was called...
  8. Do you know which show this is?
  9. This ABC Movie of the Week is known for its famous director.
  10. Weaver played an admiral in which show?
  11. Which Western is Weaver in here?
  12. Which Fifties detective drama did Weaver appear in?

Can you guess what show Dennis Weaver is in?

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MichaelJF 28 months ago
9/12 with some lucky guesses. Excellent athlete, pilot in ww2, long Hollywood career, well liked and way ahead of his time on environmental issues. I believe Mr Weaver was a good man. I would have liked to have met him.
PulsarStargrave 29 months ago
I BOMBED on this one, I had no idea Dennis was in such demand! BTW what's this business about Weaver mostly being remembered for "Chester"? I had never seen the b/w Gunsmoke episodes until I bought em on DVD! I primarily knew Dennis Weaver from McCLOUD on Wednesday nights on NBC! Even with DUEL I asked "Why's that crazy truck driver chasing McCloud?!"
Debbie 29 months ago
10/12 I went wrong with the last 2
Wenatchee7 30 months ago
9/12 Last 3 got me.
ThomasPotter Wenatchee7 5 months ago
same here, perfect score until those last three...
TheDavBow3 30 months ago
Missed 10, 11 and 12. Gentle Ben was one of the very first TV shows I remember. I remember Clint Howard being in it as well.
Susan00100 30 months ago

Gotta admit, a few were just lucky guesses.
FLETCH 30 months ago
9 out of 12.

I always liked Dennis Weaver. McCloud was one of my dad's favourite shows along with Cannon, Mannix and Starsky and Hutch
bukhrn 30 months ago
12/12, surprised as several were just wild guesses, like #6, I've never heard of any of them.
dodgebob 30 months ago
All I know about Dennis Weaver is that he and Don Knotts died on the same day at the same age.
kkvegas dodgebob 30 months ago
That's an interesting bit of trivia. Thanks!
Filmnoirfan dodgebob 30 months ago
Hard to believe they were only born about seven weeks apart, too
MrBill 30 months ago
9/12; fun but tough quiz. I do not know much about Dennis Weaver and did not watch much of the shows he was in.
TheOnlyONE 30 months ago
12/12 Duel was one of the better low budget movies from 1971.
Muleskinner 30 months ago
10/12. I missed # 3 and # 12.
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