How well do you know the opening credits of Perry Mason?

The classic courtroom drama had many different versions of its intro.

Television shows from the Fifties and Sixties were not afraid to completely change their opening credits sequences to keep things fresh and new. Some changed when they switched to color, others to accommodate new cast members. Sometimes they changed just for the heck of it!

The classic legal drama Perry Mason went through numerous intros during its nine seasons on the air. The iconic theme music stayed but the action onscreen changed depending on the season and episode.

How well do you know the many openings of Perry Mason? Try you luck in this quiz!

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  1. What does Perry Mason do right after he takes the folder from the judge?
  2. What does Perry Mason do next with the folder?
  3. One version of this opening was exactly the same except…
  4. What is unique about this shot used in some opening credits?
  5. This font was only used for which season?
  6. One title sequence opens with a model courtroom. What happens next?
  7. That same sequence turns to animation and zooms out to show Perry Mason displayed on what?
  8. This version of the intro sees Perry Mason enter the courtroom then do what?
  9. This version starts with Perry Mason seated in the courtroom, then…
  10. How many total versions and variations of the opening credits did the show have?

How well do you know the opening credits of Perry Mason?

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Mcarcare 4 days ago
An all time favorite to this day. 9 out of 10. Not bad.
ncadams27 4 days ago
During its run, when an episode was rerun, the opening credits for that season were used instead of the one from the season it originally aired. Some syndicated episodes use the “newer” credits instead of the original.
Vonda 4 days ago
6 out of 10. I enjoyed this quiz.
filbertj 6 days ago
10 out of 10. Guessed on the final question, number 10. Love Perry.
MichaelGreene 6 days ago
The first episode of the 2nd season was a hybrid. The music behind it was from the first season, while the graphics and the order in which Della/Paul and Burger/Tragg sit was reversed. The music for the rest of the series didn't have an echo effect, and the shot was used until Talman was fired after the 1960 party.
ELEANOR 6 days ago
10/10 - Pat on the back, I got them all!!
Skymkw123 6 days ago
Guess I paid attention to the opening for my favorite show more than I thought as I got 9/10.

LarryLeGros 6 days ago
5/10. Watched these episodes more times than I can count. Obviously not often enough.
Spiro 6 days ago
8/10. I'd like to cop a plea!
MrsFletcher 6 days ago
8/10.....some tough ones snuck in there!
Shatner1 6 days ago
8/10==Not bad considering I have been FF thru the beginning for years.
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