How well do you know the Full House family tree?

Do you know your Full House family tree? Let's test your knowledge of the many, many people under one roof!

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With so many people under one roof, it can be confusing to try and keep track of them all. Full House has more than five people in one house at any given time, and over eight people in later seasons.

So, can you remember who is related to who and what their relation is? It's the who's who of quizzes. See if you can connect the dots in the Full House family tree!

  1. Who is this?
  2. Whose mom is she?
  3. Who is the middle child?
  4. How do Danny and Jesse know each other?
  5. How do Danny and Joey know each other?
  6. Who did Becky first meet in the Full House clan?
  7. Who did Becky marry?
  8. These two come in later seasons. What are the names of Becky's kids?
  9. What's his name?
  10. Who is he related to?
  11. Kimmy Gibler isn't related to the Tanners, but she may as well be. Who is her best friend in the show?
  12. Who is Comet the dog most bonded with?

How well do you know the Full House family tree?

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