How well do you know the Darlings from The Andy Griffith Show?

Darling, you could easily pass this quiz.

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Charlene Darling sings ’’There Is a Time’’ on The Andy Griffith Show
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When the Darlings come down to Mayberry, prepare for something wild to happen... mountain style, of course. Charlene and her family have different traditions. For example, when Charlene wanted a divorce from her husband, Dud, she had to bury an owl's beak, four tail feathers from a chicken hawk, a piece of bacon and a broken comb.

We want to know how well you know Andy Taylor-crazed Charlene and the rest of her family.

How well do you know the Darlings?

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  1. How does Briscoe Darling describe himself?
  2. What are the Darling Boys names?
  3. What instruments did the family band play?
  4. Who did Briscoe kidnap and try to marry?
  5. What did Charlene name her daughter?
  6. What is Charlene's husband's full name?
  7. What episode was their first appearance on The Andy Griffith Show?
  8. What episode was their last appearance?
  9. Which song did the Darlings perform?
  10. Did the Darlings appear in Return to Mayberry?

How well do you know the Darlings from The Andy Griffith Show?

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