How much do you miss these discontinued candies?

We didn't know what we had 'til it was gone.

Anyone with siblings is familiar with that post-trick-or-treating ritual: pouring out all of your candy and bartering for a better haul. If you had a sibling who was allergic to peanut butter, you got to stock up on their peanut butter cups, or if you had braces, your brother or sister got to enjoy all of that delicious caramel. Other times, you just traded up for candies you liked more than what you got.

We know you're all nostalgic for discontinued candy... but how much do you really love it? Let's find out if you'd trade some of today's favorites for the treats of yesteryear!
  1. Would you trade a Butterfinger for Butterfinger BB's?
  2. Would you trade a Kit Kat for a Summit?
  3. Would you trade a Starburst for a Bonkers!?
  4. Would you trade Pop Rocks for Space Dust?
  5. Would you trade a Bit O' Honey for a Bit O' Licorice?
  6. Would you trade a Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream for a Nestle Alpine White?
  7. Would you trade a Heath bar for a Butter Brickle?
  8. Would you trade a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for a PB Max?
  9. Would you trade Bubblicious for Slush Puppie gum?
  10. Would you trade a Milky Way for a Milkshake?

How much do you miss these discontinued candies?

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Snickers 1 month ago
100% similar. Picked no for all of them.
Snickers 34 months ago
80% similar. This quiz made me hungry for a sugar rush.
JenniReis 68 months ago
PB Max! I used to love those, so much more than Reeses PB cups!

Claude 68 months ago
Is Nestle Alpine White truly discontinued?
And what about Summit? Can't we get it from those companies that sell all those "long-lost" childhood candies?
anthony 68 months ago
I took it like they were saying would you trade one that you can still buy plenty of today for one that is no longer available.So I picked yes on all of them.If they were asking if the discontinued ones were still available would I buy it instead of the other,then the only one I would buy over the other if it were still available today would be the Milk Shake bar over the Milky Way bar.All the others rightly survived because they are better then the ones that got discontinued.IMHO😁

gracie200 68 months ago
for the first time I got 100% similar
Jeffrey 68 months ago
Yeah, They asked if we missed these discontinued candies, not if we would trade one for another.
CatMomWanda 68 months ago
80% made me hungry 😸
anthony CatMomWanda 68 months ago
Is that 80% similar or 80% made you hungry.
SheriHeffner 68 months ago
This doesn't make any sense.
Do these types of quizzes, ever make any sense?
Pacificsun SheriHeffner 68 months ago
Sure it does. When a company tries to "improve" on something classic, it usually fails!
SalIanni SheriHeffner 68 months ago
You're right. This quiz was dumb. What they should do instead is a "Would You Rather?" quiz with sitcom characters: Ginger or Mary Ann, Laverne or Shirley, Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge, etc.
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