Can you name The A-Team characters who were in 20 episodes or less?

Can you put a name to all of these secondary characters' faces?

Many tried to stop them and some even helped them. The trouble was always: finding them. 

The A-Team knew how to stay hidden and how to elude whenever someone was in pursuit, whether it be an outlaw or the law itself. 

We know that "Hannibal" Smith, "B.A." Baracus, "Howling Mad" Murdock and "Faceman" Peck made up the A-Team itself, but can you recall who some of the secondary characters were? Some played more of a role than others, but each of these characters were featured in 20 episodes or less on The A-Team.

Do you know who they are? Take the quiz and tell us!

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  1. Appearing in 20 episodes, who is the man tasked with catching the team following Col. Lynch's failure?
  2. This member of the U.S. Military tracks down the Team, but instead of turning them in, he requests their help. Who is he?
  3. After starring in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for four years, who did Robert Vaughn portray for 13 episodes in The A-Team?
  4. This character helps The A-Team after being fired from the movie set that Hannibal works on. What is his name?
  5. This Captain reports to Colonel Decker, appearing in 17 episodes from seasons 2-4. Who is he?
  6. Who is this reporter for the L.A. Courier Express, who occasionally helped The A-Team?
  7. Actor Mills Watson played three characters on The A-Team. Which character did he play in the two-part episode ''When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?''
  8. Who was an assistant to General Stockwell?

Can you name The A-Team characters who were in 20 episodes or less?

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graceful1970 15 days ago
You scored a 4 out of 8
Were you able to recognize those who helped and hunted the soldiers of fortune?
Terrence 15 days ago
At least I got the majority right
HarleyCharlie 17 days ago
6/8 with a couple WAGs helping.

WAG = Wild Ass Guess
MrPerfect 19 days ago
8/8. It was the obvious answers.
RichardArmnj 19 days ago
8 for 8. I watched too much TV as a kid 😂
Wendy57 21 days ago
I know nothing about the A-Team.
texasluva 21 days ago
4 out of 8. All guesses but 2.
CoreyC 21 days ago
WordsmithWorks 21 days ago
3/8. That's about right since I never really watched the show. The image for #2 really helped my guess.
Snickers 21 days ago
I knew from the start I would do bad since I haven't seen the show in 25-30 years. 2/8
RobertM 21 days ago
Mills Watson, in #7, was also the inept Deputy Perkins in "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo".
CoreyC RobertM 21 days ago
He also played a racist soldier on M*A*S*H and Hawkeye and Trapper used brown dye to make him look black.
BenSchockley CoreyC 21 days ago
Mills Watson was also a Drunk in the Rockford Files and a lawyer in Black Sheep Squadron
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