How many characters from The Rifleman can you name?

Do you know all the residents of North Fork?

Though The Rifleman mainly focused on the title character and his son, the world of the show was brought to life by the friends and neighbors the main characters interacted with. Whether they tended bar in the saloon, ran the general store or took care of people as the town doctor, the friendly folks of North Fork popped up in more than a few episodes.

How well do you know all the recurring characters of The Rifleman? See if you know everyone in North Fork like a local in this quiz!

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  1. The Rifleman himself was named...
  2. The Rifleman's son was named...
  3. What was Marshal Torrance's first name?
  4. The first owner of the general store was named...
  5. Ms. Scott became the second store proprietor. What was her first name?
  6. Though he was played by multiple actors, North Fork's doctor was always named...
  7. North Fork's resident blacksmith was named...
  8. In the show's final season, a new business owner came to town named...
  9. Though he was occasionally called Frank, most people referred to the bartender of the North Fork Saloon as...
  10. North Fork's banker shared a name with someone on U.S. currency. His name was John...

How many characters from The Rifleman can you name?

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SusanTammy 10 months ago
10/10! My favorite show on METV
HopeChinWah 11 months ago
I got all 10 right no sweat, I always was and still am a great Rifleman fan.
GTStang08 17 months ago
10/10...Along with the main actors Connors and Crawford, all of these characters really helped to make the show become such a classic.
Martanrick1975 24 months ago
10/10 big Rifleman fan! Scrolled right through it. 😊
CinziaV 24 months ago
10/10 too easy for a Rifleman aficionado!
Cowgirl 24 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You know the people of North Fork like a local! Great job!
trogg888 29 months ago
nils was also played by a different actor at first
CathyK trogg888 27 months ago
True. And the last one to play Nils played at least 4 different characters before he played Nils.
Mirramanee CathyK 27 months ago
The actor who mostly played Nils (especially in the latter episodes) was the same actor who played the stagecoach driver in the Adam West episode, too.
greyhound 30 months ago
10/10 I think I've seen every episode of "The Rifleman".
retro6 30 months ago
10/10. Live my rifleman townies!
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