How are these Mayberry characters related?

Can you tell us how these 'Andy Griffith Show' folk are kin?

Have you seen enough of The Andy Griffith Show to consider yourself an honorary citizen of Mayberry? The beloved sitcom was populated with dozens of colorful characters. We met everyone from the mayor to the local sot. Because it was such a small town, many of the folks were related.

Let's see how well you remember these relations. To make it a little more challenging, we threw in a pinch of Mayberry R.F.D., too.

Good luck!
  1. Let's start with the big one. How are Andy and Barney related?
  2. How about Goober and Gomer?
  3. She's "Aunt Bee" but who's aunt is she?
  4. How are Brisco Darling and Dud Wash related? (Beyond the fact that both actors have "Denver" in their names.)
  5. What about Floyd the Barber and Deputy Warren Ferguson?
  6. Relatives come to stay in the episode "The Family Visit." How is Nora related to Opie?
  7. Otis and Rita Campbell?
  8. Opie's pal Johnny Paul Jason has an uncle who owns which Mayberry business?
  9. Alice Cooper (not the rock star) replaces Aunt Bee as Sam Jones' housekeeper. How is she related?
  10. How about Howard Sprague and Mrs. Sprague?
  11. Which of the following men is NOT in a serious romantic relationship with Millie?
How are these Mayberry characters related?

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