Frank Sinatra movie quiz!

The Chairman of the Board of the Cinema

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Hey ol' Blue Eyes ain't just a crooner, you know?

The guy had acting chops, too! Need proof? Then look no further than his Academy Award. 

We want to see how well you can recall the titles in Frank's filmography. We've purposefully omitted a word from each movie. It's your job to fill in those blanks! Good luck, and share your score in the comments section below!

  1. _______ Danny Wilson
  2. From Here to _________
  3. ________ at Heart
  4. Not as a _______
  5. The _______ Trap
  6. The Man with the Golden _______
  7. _______ Society
  8. The Pride and the _______
  9. ______ Go Forth
  10. Never So ______

Frank Sinatra movie quiz!

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trogg888 3 days ago parents were in their mid 30s when they had me in we had a lot of frank and dean records.i was playing in a cover band in high school and we were playing doors. Stones beatles zombies etc.but my band mates made fun of me because I liked square music but there was never a singer better than frank and even though we never covered any of his songs, in later yearsi'd go to karaoke bars and sing his stuff, but his acting was good too and I always watch his movies when they show them on tv.what a great talent if you ever get a chance to see the rat pack starring ray liotta as frank catch it.its about his life and if your a fan it's well worth watching
ElizabethBoop 4 days ago
Kind of hard to make it fit the format of this quiz, but check out Frank in "Suddenly". It's his only picture where he plays an out-and-out villain (as opposed to a criminal who's actually a likeable guy). Filmed in the town where I grew up (but six years before I was born).
Scott76112 6 days ago

I doesn't hurt that my wife and I just watched a bunch of Sinatra's movies on DVD.
ClassicTVRocks 7 days ago
5/10 I'm not a big fan 🪭 so I think I did Alright 😊😊😊
Lillyrose 9 days ago
5 out of 10. The only movie that I've seen from that list is "High Society." Great movie!
CaroleThorpe 9 days ago
You got 9 out of 10
Frank-ly, you know your stuff!
RobertK 10 days ago
9 of 10. I missed #8, I didn't know that one at all.
sagafrat69 11 days ago
4/10. Movies and songs way before my time. I knew a guy who worked at a restaurant in Encino,CA where Sinatra frequented. He would order a coffee and small dessert and always tipped $100. EVERYONE wanted to take care of him! Johnny Fontaine in "The Godfather" was based on him which really pissed Sinatra off. Great voice. Never had any formal voice training in his life. Amazing.
jd4862 11 days ago
7/10 Don't remember ever watching a Sinatra movie.
AgingDisgracefully 11 days ago
Still haven't gotten over him missing the train in Von Ryan.
Really liked that .movie.yeah I was rooting for him to catch that train too
Michaeljscheibn 11 days ago
A hole in the head- with great song in it too- “High Hopes” picked up for JFKs campaign song too !
Wendy57 11 days ago
Sorry Mr. Sinatra. I’m not very familiar with your movies, but, I love your singing.
LabLove 11 days ago
5 of 10. Never seen a Sinatra movie
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