Fill in the missing character names from these Happy Days episode titles

Who married the Fonz? Who moved out? Who went to jail?


There were dozens of characters of Happy Days over its 11-season run, and they all had their moment in the spotlight, from the teens to the parents to the diner owners. Oh, and Fonzie, of course. Lots of episodes were about the Fonz.

Think you can remember some major plot points of Happy Days — and, more importantly, the titles that went along with them?

Good luck!

  1. Fern "Feel Good" Flagg plays with Mr. C in "________'s Bowling Partner." What is the name of the Cunningham dad?
  2. Ralph tries to steal the girlfriend of football player Rebel E. Lee in "Requiem for a _______." What is Ralph's name?
  3. Fonzie's dog runs away in "_______ Come Home."
  4. It was another alien visitation in "_______ Returns."
  5. Warren lands an audition for a singing gig in "A _______ Is Born."
  6. Season four opened with a three-part episode titled "Fonzie Loves _______" Parts 1–3.
  7. Fonzie and _______ mistakenly believe they are married in a masquerade ball aboard a ship in "Fonzie and _______ Married" (Season Eight).
  8. The final episode of Happy Days to air in September 1984 was titled "_______'s Spots."
  9. _______ takes a bullet in the buttocks in "______ Gets Shot."
  10. The diner owner announces his plan to marry his foreign pen pal in the season three finale "_______'s Wedding."
  11. ______ is swindled into buying a corrosive wax spray that ruins Al's tables, Richie's bowling ball, Fonzie's motorcycle seat, Lori Beth's shoes and Potsie's hair in "_______'s Incredo-Wax" (Season Six).
  12. The DeSoto gets into a car crash and leads to "______ Goes to Jail."
  13. _______ ends up at a gang initiation into the Red Devils in "________'s Weird Boyfriend."
  14. _______ gives up dating in "_______ is Allergic to Girls" (Season Six).
  15. "_______ Moves Out" (Season Two Premiere)
  16. "_______ Moves Out" (Season 11)

Fill in the missing character names from these Happy Days episode titles

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Moriyah 46 months ago
14/16!!! I can't believe I actually passed this one and only missed two! Usually, I miss at least four of them or fail a lot of times, and I'm only a Gomer Pyle expert and only pass the Gomer Pyle quizzes with such a high score. But how I basically did it was I read the sentences and the answers, and tried to see if they made since. And sure enough, I passed with a very high score!
Dario 48 months ago
14 out of 16; I missed on questions 15 and 16.
Moriyah Dario 46 months ago
I only missed #12 and #15
Laura 48 months ago
6-26 Didn't watch the show.🙃😕😬
EllisClevenger 48 months ago
You got 13 out of 16
Strike a victory pose! You passed this one!
Missed #7, #8, and #13.
Toot1956 48 months ago
I was not a fan, it shows 7/16.
BigE 48 months ago
15 out of 16 - Missed the last one. I wasn't watching much of it during the last couple seasons.
LarryLeGros 48 months ago
10/16. Not too good. I was going to watch this Series again but Me has started with Season 2. Possibly Season 1 isn't being shown because of Royalty problems with "Rock Around The Clock" being the intro song. I don't know. That song set the tone of the Series for me.
I'm seem to recall METV { I think it was them,} would, when they brought back a show, would pick up from where they left off when the show last aired. So possibly they were showing 2nd season eps. when the removed it from the schedule. That could explain why they started w/season #2.
rycki1138 LarryLeGros 48 months ago
They started with season 1 in the Sunday airings 6 days after it premiered with season 2 on the week days.
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