Do you remember the fictional last names of these TV stars?

Lucille Ball, Andy Griffith and Mary Tyler Moore all used different last names for their characters.

Since the very beginning of the situation comedy, the name of the show would often come from its star. Whether simply calling it The Andy Griffith Show or using the name in a different way like I Love Lucy, these titles let audiences know exactly who they came to see.

And just as often (though not always) the lead character’s first name would match the lead actor’s while the last name would be something different. Here are 12 sitcoms named after famous actors. Can you remember the fictional last name that each celebrity used for their character on the show?

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  1. The Andy Griffith Show is about Andy...
  2. I Love Lucy is about Lucille Ball as Lucy....
  3. The Bob Newhart Show is about Bob...
  4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show is about Mary...
  5. The Danny Thomas Show is about Danny...
  6. The Patty Duke Show is about identical cousins Cathy and Patty...
  7. Everybody Loves Raymond stars Ray Romano as Ray...
  8. The Donna Reed Show is about Donna...
  9. The Joey Bishop Show is about Joey...
  10. The Doris Day Show is about Doris...
  11. The John Forsythe Show is about Major John...
  12. The New Dick Van Dyke Show is about Dick...

Do you remember the fictional last names of these TV stars?

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RosalindLeeWheeler 1 day ago
12/12 I did not know that I remembered all of these characters last names. That was a fun quiz.
Angelgirl 3 days ago
I ve havent had much time to watch tv
Wenatchee7 3 days ago
12/12 had to guess on number 11.
I had to guess on most.
8 of 12
Geronimo 3 days ago
Did well for someone who didn't watch most of these shows
murnaherrington 4 days ago
Got 7 out of 12 didn’t watch some shows as much as others
rclyde 4 days ago
12out of 12, had to guess Doris Day and John Forsythe.
BrentwoodJon rclyde 3 days ago
Never watched Doris days show.
John Forsythe was Bachelor father ?
wkgrw333 4 days ago
Easy as pie when you’re old as dirt!
a1k9 5 days ago
11/12. I missed Joey Bishop. I don’t remember him having a show.
trogg888 12topgun 3 days ago
its still on antenna tv
LynCarceo 5 days ago
11/12 Missed the one about Joey Bishop. Never saw the show. I guessed about half; some were before my time.
Rob 6 days ago
I got 9/12. I guessed on most of them.
CaptainDunsel 6 days ago
I missed #7 - Never watched ELR.
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