Do you remember the fictional last names of these TV stars?

Lucille Ball, Andy Griffith and Mary Tyler Moore all used different last names for their characters.

Since the very beginning of the situation comedy, the name of the show would often come from its star. Whether simply calling it The Andy Griffith Show or using the name in a different way like I Love Lucy, these titles let audiences know exactly who they came to see.

And just as often (though not always) the lead character’s first name would match the lead actor’s while the last name would be something different. Here are 12 sitcoms named after famous actors. Can you remember the fictional last name that each celebrity used for their character on the show?

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  1. The Andy Griffith Show is about Andy...
  2. I Love Lucy is about Lucille Ball as Lucy....
  3. The Bob Newhart Show is about Bob...
  4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show is about Mary...
  5. The Danny Thomas Show is about Danny...
  6. The Patty Duke Show is about identical cousins Cathy and Patty...
  7. Everybody Loves Raymond stars Ray Romano as Ray...
  8. The Donna Reed Show is about Donna...
  9. The Joey Bishop Show is about Joey...
  10. The Doris Day Show is about Doris...
  11. The John Forsythe Show is about Major John...
  12. The New Dick Van Dyke Show is about Dick...

Do you remember the fictional last names of these TV stars?

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wbyassee 17 months ago
9 out of 12. Some of them I never watched.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 17 months ago
Missed #7 because I have never, ever, seen that show. I would even change channels when the commercials for it came on.
PamelaGamble 17 months ago
Didn’t do well but I’m sure The Dick Van Dyke show last name was Petrie not Preston
RB PamelaGamble 17 months ago
The question is about the *New* Dick Van Dyke show, which ran from 1971 to 1974. I missed the question too, because I never watched it.
wbyassee PamelaGamble 17 months ago
That was the first show. This question was on The New Dick Van Dyke show. I had to think about that one real hard. ( I guessed )
JamesB 18 months ago
12/12. Chalk it up to a solid 40 hours a week of TV growing up! I don't even recall watching an entire episode of "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" but the name just fit.
dodgebob 18 months ago
9/12, thought I'd do better..........
Classic_TV_Lover 18 months ago
Sadly I sucked at this quiz 😂😂
JERRY6 18 months ago
10 of 12 not bad misssed raymond was going to put barone but changed my so called mind
marmetv20 18 months ago
11/12! Missed Joey bishop but I've watched it a lot.
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