Do you prefer the way these 10 foods used to taste?

Breyers just doesn't taste like it did when we were kids.

Have you ever been craving something from your childhood? Perhaps it's a snack you used to munch on after school, or something your parents bought you only on special occasions.

Have you ever been disappointed when you finally ate what you were craving, only to find that it tastes totally different from what you remembered?

Many food products have altered their recipes over the years, leaving an unfamiliar taste in our mouths. 

Do you think these foods taste a lot better or far worse than when we were kids? Let's find out what everyone thinks!
  1. Let's start off sweet. Do you like Breyers better today?
    Image: iStock
  2. How about Oreos?
    Image: iStock
  3. Hmmm. Did Reese's Peanut Butter Cups taste better back when you were a kid?
    Image: Huffington Post
  4. Do you like Trix better now?
  5. How about Doritos?
    Image: iStock
  6. What about McDonald's Big Macs?
    Image: Pinterest
  7. How about a refreshing soft drink? Does Coca-Cola still hit the spot?
    Image: iStock
  8. Do you still prefer the way Jujubes used to taste?
    Image: Amazon
  9. What about Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?
    Image: iStock
  10. Do you like Bubble Yum better now, or back in the day?
    Image: Etsy
Do you prefer the way these 10 foods used to taste?

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