Do you know the missing title to these 'Love Boat' episodes?

Can you keep all these titles in the right order?


The water, the romance and the crew. All things you get when watching any one of the 250 episodes that The Love Boat had across 10 seasons. 

With those staples comes multiple storylines, referred to in the multiple titles each episode is given! 

Can you look at these episode titles and select the one that is missing? 

See if you can sail your way through this quiz! 

  1. Complete this episode title: Friends and Lovers / ________ / Miss Mother
  2. Complete this episode title: How Do I Love Thee? / ________ / Authoress! Authoress!
  3. Complete this episode title: Girl of the Midnight Sun / There'll Be Some Changes Made / ________ / Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm
  4. Complete this episode title: Julie's Old Flame / The Jinx / The Identical ________
  5. Complete this episode title: Lonely at the ________ / Silent Night / Divorce Me, Please
  6. Complete this episode title: Another Time, Another ________ / Doctor Who / Gopher's Engagement
  7. Complete this episode title: Dumb Luck / Tres Amigos / Hey, ________ Lover
  8. Complete this episode title: She Stole His Heart / Return of the Captain's Brother / ________ and Mag
  9. Complete this episode title: A ________ to Remember
  10. Complete this episode title: The ________ Lady / Father, Dear Father / Still Life

Do you know the missing title to these 'Love Boat' episodes?

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RichLorn 17 months ago
Complete THIS episode title: Captain Stubing __________ .
[ ] can't swim.
[ ] hits an iceberg.
[ ] and the amorous porpoise.
QazWiz 17 months ago
OMG mind fart.... i got Lonely at the ________ wrong two questions later i went back to the question reread it to think about it then remembered it was mentioned on another quiz, just two quizes ago :-\
JHP 17 months ago
rather have root canal and a procto at the same time than watching that show (along with a few others on Me-Tv)
dangler1907 JHP 17 months ago
Which is why you come here and take the time to post a comment, right? lol.
JHP dangler1907 17 months ago

freedom is speech is all the rage now
JHP 17 months ago
dangler1907 JHP 17 months ago
If that's snoring, you're keeping me awake. Stop it.
JHP dangler1907 17 months ago
no - my keyboard is dirty (haha)
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 16 months ago
Looks like a herd of Zebras that are running wildly through Hooterville.
JHP bagandwallyfan52 16 months ago
only if Marshall Thompson was tracking them
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 16 months ago
Great TV show on CBS.
AllisonWunderland 17 months ago
6/10…How am I supposed to remember 🫡
Maverick66 17 months ago
6/10. I still have no idea what was going on here. 🤔
Big3Fan 17 months ago
Two, woohoo!
AllisonWunderland Big3Fan 17 months ago
I take it you got them all correct?
Big3Fan AllisonWunderland 17 months ago
Yep. All but eight of 'em.
CaptainDunsel 17 months ago
A number of guesses, but I sort of half remembered a few from the "Which if your favorite episode" quiz that was up a short while ago.
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