Can you match these books to the stars that wrote them?

These classic TV stars wrote children's books, memoirs, and holiday romances.


These days, it seems like almost every celebrity writes a book. There's a reason for that — people want to know what's going on in their favorite star's head. While biographies are probably the most common, actors will also write art books, children's stories, comics, crime thrillers... the range is as varied as the shows and movies they star in.

We've collected just a small sample of some books written by classic TV stars. Can you match the title to the celebrity who wrote it?

  1. This actress worked on What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, where she poses as different occupations based on letters from real-life children
  2. This actor wrote Polynesian Concept, a non-fiction account of a boat race from California to Hawaii
  3. This Star Trek star wrote Warped Factors: A Neurotic's Guide to the Universe
  4. True to his nature of taking nothing too seriously, this Hollywood legend put out Scrunched Celebrity Photos, a book of... scrunched-up celebrity photos
  5. The early-career release Orchids & Salami pre-dated many of this star's most famous roles
  6. This M*A*S*H star wrote several books. One was titled Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself
  7. It may surprise you that this western star co-wrote a children's book, Barkley Unleashed: A Pirate's Tail
  8. This sci-fi actor wrote the appropriately titled To Space and Back: A Memoir
  9. This child star later wrote The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family with a family member
  10. This Waltons sister wrote Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane, which was later turned into a Hallmark movie
  11. Lost (and Found) in Space 2: Blast Off into the Expanded Edition was written by two Lost in Space actors. Angela Cartwright is one. Who is the other?

Can you match these books to the stars that wrote them?

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RichLorn 18 months ago
Ya can't tell an actor by his cover.
QazWiz 18 months ago
"with a family member"
was a giveaway, given the options only had one brother I've ever heard of, (out of Jerry Mathers, Johnny Crawford, Ron Howard) ... double locked in as soon as you remember Clint was the "messy faced cherub" on Andy Griffith (Hollywood and Family hints that they not only both acted, but together too)
Dayna 19 months ago
3/11 Never knew that these actors wrote books especially Burt Reynolds
Mac2Nite 19 months ago
LOLOLOLOL 4/11.... and I'm a voracious reader... yet I have never heard of nor read any of these books. 😂📚
LalaLucy 19 months ago
Totally lost. Lol. 5/11. The Boys was an easy one though. Reading it right now. Sounds like I have a lot of other books to look for. 🙂
BenSobeleone 19 months ago
MichaelSkaggs BenSobeleone 19 months ago
Same here. A really tough quiz. Good to have one of those once in a while. It keeps you sharp.
BorisK 19 months ago
1/11 ... I obviously don't read Hollwyodd memoirs.
daDoctah 19 months ago
8/11, higher than anyone who's posted their score so far.

Haven't actually read any of these books, but I remember Clint Howard talking about "The Boys" on an NPR show. And #4 was just too goofy a concept to be anyone else listed (I saw him on Letterman once where he came out and decided he wanted to do the interview lying on Dave's desk flat on his back instead of sitting in the usual chair.)
Lantern 19 months ago
Alan Alda also wrote a book titled "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed".
KJExpress 19 months ago
5/11. 😜 I love to read, but I've never read any of these, clearly.
Maverick66 19 months ago
6/11. Not exactly Pulitzer-worthy material, I'm afraid.
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