Do you know all the lyrics to The Chipmunks' Christmas song?

All right you chipmunks, ready to sing your song?

It's been 60 years since Ross Bagdasarian Sr. - stage name David Seville - sped up some tape to record his voice at different speeds and introduced us to The Chipmunks via his smash hit Christmas single "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)."

That year, the little seasonal novelty song won three Grammy Awards, and spawned an entire franchise that is still going strong and making movies today.

Pretty much every kid on Earth has sang along to this song, but think you could still make it through the whole number without missing a beat?

We stripped the hilarious intro and closing and present you with the lyrics to the core song below. See if you can squeak through this one. Good luck!
  1. "Christmas, Christmas time is _________________."
  2. "Time for _________________ and time for cheer."
  3. "We've been good but _________________ can't last."
  4. "Merry Christmas, _________________ fast."
  5. "Want a plane that _________________."
  6. "Me, I want a _________________!"
  7. "We can hardly _________________."
  8. "Please Christmas, _________________."

Do you know all the lyrics to The Chipmunks' Christmas song?

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Snickers 31 months ago
8 out of 8 hurry Christmas hurry fast.
jerseyguy2468 47 months ago
What's with that ridiculous picture of the chipmunks? That's not what they looked like. So lame!
RobertM JoelFogelsanger 41 months ago
That's what they looked like on the 1958 record cover.
ndebrabant 53 months ago
You got 8 out of 8
Either way, don't wait to revisit this Christmas classic now:
Runeshaper 56 months ago
You got 6 out of 8

I'll take it, in a high-pitched voice! LOL
CatMomWanda 66 months ago
I use this song for my ring tone during holiday season. Fun.
nerakr 66 months ago
6/8. Not bad considering I haven't heard it in years.
Barry22 66 months ago
4/8, and I guessed. We were listening to an Alan Jackson Xmas Cd and it had the Chipmunks on on it singing about Santa's pick-up.
richardkel 66 months ago
8/8. One of my favorite Christmas songs.
JeffTanner 66 months ago
I got 6 out of 8. ------Got #3 and #4 wrong.
SheriHeffner 66 months ago
5 out of 8. I thought they sang "Time Is Here", and I never knew questions 3 or 4 either.
cperrynaples 66 months ago
7/8! Wasn't sure if 1 was here or near, and believe line 4 is "Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast!"
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