Do these facts belong to Robert Conrad or Ross Martin?

You know what they did in the West, but do you know what the duo did in real life?

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The West wouldn't be wild without Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. The two actors were a duo of service agents on The Wild Wild West. West and Gordon, their characters, could be seen fighting bad guys and having a little fun.

You might know their characters well, but do you know the actors well enough to pass this quiz? Good luck.

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  1. He was the main character on Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  2. This guy had a role in the 1955 film Conquest of Space.
  3. He played Alexander Hamilton in NBC's television special Swing Out, Sweet Land.
  4. This Wild Wild West actor signed an acting contract with Warner Bros.
  5. He produced and starred in the film Hard Knox.
  6. He was on an episode of Columbo.
  7. This guy ran for president of the Screen Actors Guild.
  8. He was born in Poland.
  9. This Wild Wild West actor earned a law degree.
  10. This guy was born in Chicago.

Do these facts belong to Robert Conrad or Ross Martin?

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