Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "The Shoplifters"

In which Barney questions some unusual suspects!

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This quiz is about Season 4, Episode 21: "The Shoplifters". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. Whose store has been robbed?
  2. Which item was the first the owner claimed was missing?
  3. What does Andy suggest is a great mother's day gift?
  4. Thelma Lou thinks Barney is cancelling his plans because of...
  5. Barney think he's got the drop on the burglar, but it's really...
  6. Barney triggers a clown doll. What does it say?
  7. What's the name of the nightwatchman?
  8. What about the items leads Andy to believe they were stolen during the day?
  9. Barney: "Now, don't get purposefully ______, Andy!"
  10. Barney accuses a woman. What does she have in her bag?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "The Shoplifters"

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8176Morgan 14 days ago
8/10 Not bad. A great episode for sure. I missed #4 & #8.
Mark112763 15 days ago
Got nine out of ten right. Oh well. I tried...
mda 21 days ago
7/10. The dummy is better looking says one of lady shoppers.
Renny13 22 days ago
8/10. This show was hilarious, especially when Barney was scooting along the floor to get away from the owner.
MeeTaeTae 22 days ago
Lurene Tuttle, the Shoplifter, was Annabelle Silby, who buried her Living Alcoholic Husband in Season 1. More Interesting, she was the Sheriff's Wife in PSYCHO, who uttered the Immortal Line "Well then who's Buried in the Cemetery" in Norma Bates' Grave? Eek!
Scooby79 MeeTaeTae 19 days ago
And she also played in several Perry Mason episodes.
MeeTaeTae Scooby79 15 days ago
Awthomas123 24 days ago
Probably the best episode. Every scene is funny. My favorites are when Barney pops up from behind the counter and the stuffed dog
Has its tongue sticking out and Barney as the mannequin
3233375803 24 days ago
I did pretty good on those two quizzes
FestusFan2312 25 days ago
10/10. Will Wright (the first Ben Weaver) was the absolute best. One of the great character actors. Guessed at what the doll said. I knew it wasn’t the first two so had to be the third. I only remember it laughing.
Zip 26 days ago
Not bad for not really remembering too much from this episode.
Mark112763 26 days ago
Got #4 and #8 wrong. Was so sure I had them right... Oh well.
Wendy57 26 days ago
One of my favorite episodes. Barney is excellent as usual.
Gradyb77 27 days ago
9/10. I didn’t think the doll said anything other than laughed.
Daniel911 27 days ago
10/10 Great episode but I liked the other Ben Weaver better.
frenchman71 27 days ago
8/10. That nighttime skit at the store was classic. One of the best episodes.
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