Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''A Black Day for Mayberry''

In which Barney can't keep a secret (again)!

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Journey back to Mayberry each weekday with a chronological quiz testing your knowledge of each episode in order. Let's see how long we can all keep the streak going!

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This quiz is about Season 4, Episode 7: "A Black Day for Mayberry". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. Barney attempts to eavesdrop through the...
  2. Who attempts to join him?
  3. What department are the two men from?
  4. "You're talking to ___________ Barney!"
  5. Where's the shipment being sent from?
  6. How much is the shipment worth?
  7. A vendor shows up to sell _____ while people await the truck.
  8. A man from the woods turns up with a sign that says "Down with the gold standard. Vote for the ____________!"
  9. Do you remember that man's name?
  10. What's the truck actually filled with?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''A Black Day for Mayberry''

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clarenceearp 6 days ago
10/10. Leon and his PBJ sandwiches and cowboy outfit always made me smile.
Zip 6 days ago
It's a black day for my quiz taking.
Ready2go 8 days ago
4/10. Lock me up !
JHP Ready2go 7 days ago
ya know - you'd be locked up with Otis and he may sneak some hooch in the cell - BUT watch out for the reliable able deputy BARN
2016jessica 8 days ago
I wonder where the gas cap on these buggies is? Then Gomer pumps gas all over Barney's feet They would never be able to get the gas smell out of that truck.
JHP 2016jessica 7 days ago
BARN should have been a goner
Wendy57 8 days ago
Love Barney in the Gold Truck !
Sweendog 9 days ago
Wow - all of them correct. Guessed on 2 so I’m shocked. (Not a good guesser)
8176Morgan 9 days ago
8/10 Which has been my average, just about. I don't remember the man selling hot dogs, only that it was raining outside. Hence umbrellas, and no I didn't remember the man's name. Who would? I guess a really big TAGS fan would!
BorisK 8176Morgan 8 days ago
Plus they edit so much out of the episodes now for commercials.
JHP BorisK 7 days ago
Bulls eye and so agreed to you - actually I truly believe that these chicken sheet channels that do this ,,,is THEFT!!! A viewer who pays for the channel to view a show and see the ep chopped is frigging ROBBERY!!!
mda 10 days ago
10/10. You, me and Laura Lee Hobbs.
Jeff_Woo10 mda 5 days ago
That's one of my favorite line deliveries! I'm surprised Laura Lee didn't make an appearance on the quiz.
JHP 10 days ago
NOW back in the day - could a truck actually transport $7000000 of gold? - 1965 an ounce was $35.50
#7 I should have picked tube steak since ANG was so much of an addict as time went on - I thought they would be selling pan fried trout since they catch them but no one eats them

Lorra Lee Hobbs
Wendy57 JHP 8 days ago
The only one who I heard call a hot dog a tube steak was my Dad.
JHP Wendy57 8 days ago
and for me --- well there is another urban myth what hot dogs are made of:)

wont say it it may cause me to be censored
Wendy57 JHP 6 days ago
Lots of meat processing history there.
I still enjoy a tasty hot dog.
Life’s too short. 🌭
JHP Wendy57 1 day ago
so do I sincerely

grilled or boiled:)
frenchman71 10 days ago
10/10. Great episode. My favorite part is when Barney's at the hotel talking to Asa. "By the way, Barney, what time is that gold truck coming thru?"
Snickers 10 days ago
7/10. Hey MeTv, how about a quiz other than TAGS. Maybe be a Hogan's Hero's or one of the other shows other than TAGS.
JHP Snickers 10 days ago
"Here Here" - :)

That tank will run empty soon
Snickers JHP 8 days ago
Just hope we don't go back to all MASH quizzes
JHP Snickers 7 days ago
love the show but I am w/U - these quizzes no matter the series does keep this site up and runnin
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