Pick: Which Christmas music would you rather hear?

Is Bing your thing? How popular are your holiday opinions?

Every December, Christmas music pours out of every retail store, and most living room stereos. As several pop stars have sung, "It's the most wonderful time of the year."

But Christmas carols are like any music — people are very opinionated about their preferences. We wanted to see which perennial favorites are your favorites. We looked over the Billboard Holiday 100 charts, picked some of the big hits, and pitted them in a poll.

So we ask, which of these would you most want to hear? See how your tastes stack up against the others.
  1. You can only listen to one song from a beloved TV Christmas special. Which will it be?
  2. When it comes to Christmas carols, Bing is king. Which Bing is your thing?
  3. Which rockin' Christmas song rocks your world?
  4. Pick your favorite popular tune from a classic crooner.
  5. Hey, it's the '80s! Pick one of these ditties that was everywhere that decade.
  6. Select just one of these snow-filled songs from stunning soul singers.
  7. Pick a tune with a chorus in a foreign language.
  8. Now, choose one instrumental.
  9. Will it be Elvis, a Beatle or the Beach Boys?
  10. Finally, which of these holiday albums from MeTV stars would you give a spin?

Pick: Which Christmas music would you rather hear?

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Snickers 34 months ago
63% similar. Love the Christmas Carols and the joy the season brings.
kimmer 48 months ago
55% ...I have odd Christmas music taste....
JuneMiller 54 months ago
In regards to #6, I am SO tired of hearing the "top" 2 songs. "Santa Baby", is NOT your cash cow. And if that's REALLY "all you want for Christmas" then donate those royalties (ALL of them) to charities ;)
ndebrabant 54 months ago
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses
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