Can you tell the difference between the Walton sisters?

How well do you know Mary Ellen, Erin and Elizabeth?

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Who says John-Boy was the main character? The beloved 1970s family drama The Waltons had many episodes focused on one of his three sisters: Erin, Elizabeth and Mary Ellen. The Walton girls were similar in many ways but they definitely had their own distinct personalities.

What can you remember about each of them?

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of which Walton woman was which.

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  1. Who is the oldest sister?
  2. Who gets locked in an old trunk in the show’s very first episode?
  3. Whose middle name is Esther, named after her grandmother?
  4. The episode "The Career Girl" follows which Walton sister trying to find a job after graduating high school?
  5. Who is the youngest sister?
  6. Who eventually becomes a doctor?
  7. Who loves animals and even takes care of a sick raccoon in one episode?
  8. Which sister hates an old coming-of-age tradition in the episode "The Quilting?"
  9. Who eventually works at a metal factory and stands up for women’s rights in the workplace?
  10. Who likes playing baseball and being a tomboy in early seasons?
  11. In the episode "The Ferris Wheel," which sister is haunted by terrible nightmares that cause her to sleepwalk?
  12. Who fights with her older sister, especially about boys?
  13. Who is the only sister to get married on the show and not in a later reunion movie?
  14. Who turns 13 in a spooky poltergeist episode that originally aired five days before Halloween?
  15. Who is closest to their brother Ben in age?

Can you tell the difference between the Walton sisters?

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KaytGreen 5 months ago
14/15 not bad for a Walton's fan. The Tomboy question stumped me but made perfect sense after I got it wrong.
Peter 24 months ago
15 out of 15. This has been up 12 months and I'm just seeing it.
Cowgirl 32 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
All smiles! You did great!
I love the Waltons. It's a great show with no violence like most of the shows on TV today.
kimmer 33 months ago
14/15....Gotta love the the daughter's and who they were.
KathrynJordan 35 months ago
13 out 15 is really not bad. Weekly show in the family as a child. Now a daily show that I don't miss. Love the Waltons. Wholesome TV show with morals.
marmetv20 36 months ago
12/15 would have been 13 but I hit the wrong button
pixiegirl 36 months ago
I loved the TV series. It’s been in reruns many times and I still enjoy watching the Waltons. I didn’t care for the first episode before the series began.
JennieHerie 36 months ago
15/15. Ive LOVED The Walton’s for 48 yrs ... Been There Many Time.. Been brought The Home ,Church and Museum... Best Vacations ever...
TheDavBow3 36 months ago
10/15. I didn't watch The Waltons at all but I thought I'd try anyway.
RossE 36 months ago
I enjoyed the game about the Walton sisters...I knew every answer!
Lloyd 36 months ago
The Waltons one of the best family show ever. I forgot Mary Ellen was the tomboy.
KimD 36 months ago
Maryellen got married twice. Once to Curt on the show and later to Jonsie in one of the movies.
nerakr 36 months ago
14/15. Thought Erin was the animal lover b/c of The Fawn.
MLCarlson2020 36 months ago
I just finished watching all episodes and to those who may not know this, there is a movie made before the Walton series started. Cast for the parents were different, the store was different and so was the owner, but was fun to watch the first original cast of the movie. Go watch this movie, you appreciate the cast of the series of Walton’s. Grandpa really was my favorite character! Hilariou!
Hilarious not Hilariou!
JennieHerie MichaelCarlson 36 months ago
Do you mean the Christmas show or Spencer’s Mountain
DebRae1950 MLCarlson2020 30 months ago
Hard to believe Will Geer was a card carrying communist. Look it up on Wikipedia.
Cowgirl 36 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
All smiles! You did great!
DavidBartholomew 36 months ago
Was Mary Ellen ( the actress who played her) the one who posed for Playboy the year after the show went off the air?
She did pose. Not sure of the timeline.
David , Judy who played Mary Ellen did pose in August of 1985... She wanted to shed her goodie goodie appeal from the show
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