Can you tell the difference between Sylvester and Junior?

Sylvester Jr. was a mini version of his father. Without seeing how big they are, they look almost identical!


Sylvester is most famous for his relentless attempts at catching everyone’s favorite cartoon canary, Tweety. But there were also many shorts involving Sylvester and his son, Sylvester Jr. The young kitten looked exactly like his father and even sounded the same. He was the spitting image in more ways than one!

Whether Sylvester was chasing after baby kangaroo, Hippety Hopper, or just trying to pass some fatherly wisdom along to his son, he usually ended up embarrassing himself.

We’ve gathered images of both Sylvester and Junior. Can you tell who is who just from the faces alone?

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  1. Can you tell who this is?
  2. Who is this?
  3. This feline sailor is...
  4. Who is wearing this red hat?
  5. Can you guess this character?
  6. Who is this?
  7. This is...
  8. Who is this confused cat?
  9. Can you tell who this is?
  10. Is this Sylvester or Junior?
  11. Who is smiling here?
  12. Who is looking over this cliff?

Can you tell the difference between Sylvester and Junior?

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RS1515 19 months ago
12/12, Junior's body was small relative his head.
Jacki 29 months ago
9/12 love Sylvester and Junior
Filmnoirfan 29 months ago
10/12 - was purring right along until getting clawed late by 6 & 11
BrianMoore 29 months ago
10 out of 12. Trickier than you'd think.
327053 29 months ago
10/12 number 7 looks like Sylvester 🙁
nightshade 29 months ago
9/12 Now what I always thought was the kitten WAS Sylvester and the adult cat was his dad which would explain a lot ........
RichLorn 29 months ago
That quiz was the cat's meow!
(oh alright, I apologize)
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