Can you remember when your favorite comic book characters were introduced?

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Comic books are so ingrained into mainstream culture, that it can be difficult to remember when they weren't a part of our lives at all! In this quiz, we're taking you way back to your favorite character's beginnings, and checking to see if you remember when these comic book characters were introduced!

  1. What year was Batman introduced?
  2. What year was Superman introduced?
  3. Who came first: Wonder Woman, or Shazam?
  4. What year was Archie Andrews introduced?
  5. Who came first: The Flash, or Jughead Jones?
  6. What year was Iron Man introduced?
  7. Who came first: Green Lantern or Captain America?
  8. Who came first: The Joker or The Fantastic Four?
  9. What year was Catwoman introduced?
  10. What year was Spiderman introduced?

Can you remember when your favorite comic book characters were introduced?

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bmoore4026 1 month ago
9 out of 10. Number 7 tripped me up.
Peter_Falk_Fan 1 month ago
5/10 The first two I knew, and then the guessing game started.
Sway 1 month ago
5 out of 10 correct guesses. 🦸🏼‍♂️
teire 1 month ago
6/10. Grew up reading DC comics, I can remember waiting for the Lois Lane annual to come out every summer.
CharlesRocksClone teire 1 month ago
The Silver Age Superman family of books (Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, The Legion Of Super-Heroes, Supergirl, Lois Lane and his best pal, Jimmy Olsen) were always a fun read.
I forgot to mention all their Super-Pets.
Bapa1 CharlesRocksClone 1 month ago
Don't forget Adventure Comics, World's Finest, and Justice League. Superman was pretty busy back then.
Shout out to Proty II!
justjeff 1 month ago
6/10... I learned something from this quiz... some of those origins were much earlier than I'd thought...
CharlesRocksClone 1 month ago
10 out if 10. Have to watchout with some of the golden age heroes and their silver age counterparts.
Yeah, I'm not sure if the Flash and Green Lantern references were supposed to be Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, or Jay Garrick and Alan Scott. (And yes, I know there were at least two others of each that came still later.)
Runeshaper 1 month ago
5/10 Ouch! Love these characters!!!
Bapa1 1 month ago
8/10. Fun quiz. Who can eat hamburgers faster; Jughead or the Flash?
Croft1 1 month ago
Well, Captain Dunsel, Stan Lee (writer) AND Steve Ditko (artist) co-created a Spiderman. Ditko's artwork was the driving force behind the popularity of Spiderman, Dr Strange and Ironman (Jack Kirby and Stan Lee co-created Ironman and Fantastic Four among others) Ditko introduced the world to the modern Ironman suit we all know and love.

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