Can you remember what year these time travel movies are set in?

TIME to show your skills!


Whether it's a minute into the past or one hundred years in the future, time travel is a device that for better or for worse, sci-fi movies simply can't stop using. We're asking you to hop into our brand-new time machine and use your movie knowledge to tell us when these time travel films are set!

  1. Though the film was released in 1964, what year is part of The Time Travelers set in?
  2. What year does Marty McFly visit in Back to the Future?
  3. What year is the beginning of Terminator II: Judgement Day set in?
  4. In Avengers Endgame, what year do Iron Man and Captain America visit?
  5. In the film The Time Machine, what far off future date does George Wells travel to?
  6. The film Peggy Sue Got Married begins in the year 1985. What year does Peggy Sue travel back in time to?
  7. What futuristic year does George Carlin come from to visit Bill and Ted in Bill and Ted's excellent adventure?
  8. What year does the Terminator come from to destroy Sara Connor in the 1984 film, The Terminator?
  9. What decade is the series Pleasantville set in?
  10. Although they visit the year 1983, what year are David and Jim from in the film The Philadelphia Experiment?

Can you remember what year these time travel movies are set in?

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MadMat2102 2 months ago
`9/10. Missed "Peggy Sue Got Married."
Tresix 3 months ago
9/10, missing the “Peggy Sue” question.
Gillman54 3 months ago
Sorry. I was in wrong section posting...
Gillman54 3 months ago
Hey fellow Svengoolians! Good to be back with you-I haven’t seen tonight’s feature in decades(ha ha)! It’s been quite some time ago and I am really looking forward to it. Enjoy this guys. They don’t make them like this anymore...God bless you all!🐥🌞✝️
Grandma22 3 months ago
I remember when I went to 1776. I wanted so badly to see the declaration signed, but due to difficulties and costly repairs in my time transporter, I returned to my home in 1967…
Wrongo Grandma22 3 months ago
I can relate to that. It was extremely difficult to find a taxi or call Uber, unless you knew one of the founding fathers.
Moverfan 3 months ago
I got seven out of ten. So the answer to the title question is...well, yeah, sorta, maybe...
cinamac 3 months ago
To this day, Terminator fans will approach women, in a bar, and ask, “Are you Sarah Connor?”
djw1120 3 months ago
7 out of 10
The thee that I missed I either never heard of and/or never watched.
Most likely both.
Add to that a couple of lucky guesses that were right.
JamesDean59 3 months ago
8/10 A few lucky guesses. Could have been worse, I suppose.
WGH 3 months ago

Some of these are pretty obscure. But overall a great quiz. Makes us old timers think. Keeps our brains Sharp.
Fred_Clampett 3 months ago
5 of 10.
Hope you've got a time machine, because that's the only thing that can fix this score!
Peter_Falk_Fan 3 months ago
7/10 I've only seen half of these movies. I enjoy the Terminator movies.
jimmyvici 3 months ago
50%…I only guessed. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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