Can you recognize the best-selling albums of 1969?

These classic records took us all the way from Broadway to San Quentin.

The summer of 1969 was the season of Woodstock, and you can believe the spirit of the epic festival overtook the airwaves and album charts. Rock and hippie vibes were a regular presence at No. 1 — though, people were still snatching up soul and country.

The 11 album covers below belong to records that topped the charts that year. See if you can recognize the best-selling albums of '69 from the artwork alone! (Well, and some hints.)

  1. Why did the fans cross the road? To buy this album.
  2. He went to prison for this.
  3. He went to Nashville for this.
  4. From Nashville to Wichita…
  5. It had only been nine months since their debut album.
  6. This Broadway Cast recording was No. 1 on the charts for an incredible 13 weeks.
  7. There were no pinballs on the cover, surprisingly.
  8. They were "Taking Care of Business" on this No. 1 album, a soundtrack to a television special.
  9. They whipped up a "Commotion" on this No. 1 album.
  10. They sang "You've Made Me So Very Happy," perhaps because their fans sent the album to No. 1 for seven weeks in 1969.
  11. They offered "Can't Find My Way Home," but they did find their way to No. 1.

Can you recognize the best-selling albums of 1969?

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EllisClevenger 17 months ago
You got 10 out of 11
Missed #10.
Not very happy.
Geronimo EllisClevenger 17 months ago
How the hell did you missed that one?🤔
Pops 17 months ago
11/11 Led Zeppelin II
No question. Now and forever, amen.
DavidH 17 months ago
11/11 Amazing. For me, most of 1968-1975 was kinda blurry.
FJ_BOBR4 17 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Did you successfully make it across this quiz? Which 1969 album is your favorite?
Zeppelin II at the Time, Johnny Cash now... lol
KellyShort 18 months ago
You picked the right one! Did guess at the Diana Ross & The Supremes
Barry22 18 months ago
11/11, some great albums here.
MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
10/11 Missed CCR.
Jinghiz MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
John Fogerty looks pretty much the same today, just less hair. Also, they don’t look like the other bands—CCR was the only four-piece band listed.
harlow1313 Jinghiz 18 months ago
Well, The Beatles, The Who, Blind Faith, and Led Zeppelin each had four members.
Corsair43 harlow1313 17 months ago
Think Jinghiz was referring just to question 9, not the quiz.
harlow1313 Corsair43 17 months ago
Thanks. I now see.
cperrynaples 18 months ago
11/11! Notice how they cut off the last cover? All of us oldies know why...LOL!!!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 18 months ago
Hint: That cover would be illegal today!!
jojo68 18 months ago
10/11. AAH. Good old classic music. Today's music is just crap.
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