Can you recognize Andy Griffith Show characters in Westerns?

How far is it from Mayberry to Dodge City?

There may have been a sheriff and a deputy, not to mention all-American morals, but it's hard to label The Andy Griffith Show a Western. And not just because the show took place in North Carolina.

But if you love Westerns, as well as the citizens of Mayberry, we have good news for you. The cast of The Andy Griffith Show popped up in all sorts of cowboy tales.

Below, you will find some familiar Mayberry denizens on other classic TV shows. Can you recognize them — and name their Mayberry characters?

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  1. One of his earlier roles was this rugged feller on The Rifleman. But you know him best as…?
  2. This Lone Ranger woman is a familiar face around Mayberry named…?
  3. He looked much more dapper on this episode of Wanted: Dead or Alive.
  4. Don't tell Barney she was riding a wagon with another man! This sweetheart of Deputy Fife was named…?
  5. She was a love interest for Sheriff Andy named…?
  6. She was also a love interest for Sheriff Andy named…?
  7. The old man on the right is best known as which Mayberry elder?
  8. This wagon driver is known around Mayberry as…?
  9. This gent played poker against Maverick in an uncredited role. You know him as which Mayberry Mayor?
  10. She was a recurring character on The Rifleman. She was also…?
  11. Bonus question! Don Knotts starred in a few comedy Western films. This one came out in 1978.
    Image: The Everett Collection

Can you recognize Andy Griffith Show characters in Westerns?

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leebillyold 5 days ago
11/11 please remove the Three Stooges off MeTV, I heard some kinds are imitating the stooges behavior by the slapping, hitting, and poking and getting injured. It is not funny, hope MeTV reads this, anyone?
DavidBarker 6 days ago
You got 10 out of 11
Did you sink or swim?
LindaWilliams 6 days ago
Can you recognize Andy Griffith Show characters in Westerns?
You got 11 out of 11
Did you sink or swim?
rahaindy 6 days ago
3rd quiz I took today and haven’t missed a question. Why wasn’t school like this.
MaryAnn 6 days ago
I got 9/11. Felt pretty cocky till I hit #6 and #7, then redeemed myself with the rest of ‘em!
bnichols23 MaryAnn 6 days ago
I blew #6, but then again I wasn't watching the show when she was on, so.... Still, "wrong is wrong." :) The rest were a piece of cake.
AllisonWunderland 7 days ago
11/11...🎉 I surprised myself on this one! 😁
sandman 7 days ago
9/11 Didn’t realize Sheriff Andy was such a ladies man
Ohhh, but he was!!
Wapkep1982 7 days ago
Would have liked the quiz better if they had identified the western shows better. Only about half were identified.
They're wanting the name of the character, not the show
MrBill 7 days ago
11/11; easy one for me - I am a big fan of TAGS.
ETristanBooth 8 days ago
11/11. The first ten were easy. I didn't know #11, but it was easy to guess.
Edward 8 days ago
11 / 11. Never really watched or liked the show. Just used the 'process of elimination' here.
sportster1988 8 days ago
Eleven out of eleven. I cain't do no gooder!
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