Can you recognize all these funny actors in serious roles on Gunsmoke?

These sitcom stars played it straight in Dodge City.


Gunsmoke’s incredible 20-season run provided hundreds of opportunities for brand-new and seasoned actors to visit Dodge City. There were future movie stars, prolific cowboy character actors and even comedians and sitcom stars who took on serious roles in the Old West.

Here are 10 famous faces known for being funny on TV. Can you recognize them when they played against type on Gunsmoke?

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  1. This sitcom star played the mountain man, Drago.
  2. Who is this costarring in Gunsmoke with Robert Vaughn?
  3. Who is this funny sitcom star?
  4. Though she mostly played it straight on her sitcom, her comic timing was perfect.
  5. Do you recognize this beloved actor?
  6. He cracked jokes as a sitcom star and on variety shows.
  7. She could be as silly in Mel Brooks movies and sitcoms as she was serious on Gunsmoke.
  8. Do you recognize this sitcom actor in a serious scene?
  9. The actor on the left made us laugh on a sketch show.
  10. Which sitcom star is in this scene?

Can you recognize all these funny actors in serious roles on Gunsmoke?

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CaroleThorpe 7 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Talk about a feather in your cap! You did great!
RedSamRackham 16 months ago
* Before Gunsmoke became a TV series Howard McNear was Doc on the previous radio version!
leebillyold 21 months ago

this quiz was good, but the other ones are difficult, wish there were quizes for the senior citizens.

Catman leebillyold 21 months ago
I've been to 15. Also been to the Pyramids in Egypt, the Acropolis in Athens, and the Palace of Knossos on the Island of Crete.
BrentwoodJon 23 months ago
Thats NOT Howard McNear
Lloyd the barber
FLETCH BrentwoodJon 23 months ago
Yes it is and it's Floyd, not Lloyd
BrentwoodJon 23 months ago
9 of 10
Who was Howard McNear ?
Is it mr. Drisdale
Pacificsun 23 months ago
It's fascinating to read how the readers who respond, change so much per the genre. People willing to take the Quiz based on Westerns, seldom come out for the other kinds.

And it's nice that MeTV Staff spreads the interest around so generously for all the fans!
Pacificsun 23 months ago
Whoa. Not sure how I missed RV and BE in Gunsmoke episode.
mojomoonjo 23 months ago
7/10. That did NOT look anything like Morey Amsterdam but pretty good for never watching the show ...EVER. I consider Bonanza the best. The Big Valley and Wild,Wild West is what I watched,also
TheDavBow3 23 months ago
Hey, gottem all right for a change.
kkvegas 23 months ago
10/10. I had to guess on a couple, and I've never seen an episode of Gunsmoke in my life.
SteveO 23 months ago
# 8
Hit George and screen moved on me, showed Jim as selection.
Urrrggh !
Jamesatkinson 23 months ago
100% : I 💛 me some Gunsmoke, best TV western series ever hands down.
BrentwoodJon Jamesatkinson 23 months ago
especially the black & white one's
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