Can you recognize all these famous guest stars on Maverick?

The classic Western gave one future movie star his very first screen role!

The classic Western Maverick stood out from its fellow horse-ridin’, gun-totin’ frontier shows by focusing more on the humor and wit of its main characters rather than their skills in a fight. But even if the Maverick brothers avoided confrontation, there were plenty of unsavory characters who had no qualms about resorting to violence.

Maverick had many guest stars during its run. Some were about to get their own TV shows while others were just a few years away from movie stardom.

Try to match the names to the famous faces below. Good luck!

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  1. Who is the future movie star on the right in this picture?
  2. He was in many Westerns before getting stranded on a certain island. Who is it?
  3. Who is this Mayberry resident?
  4. Who is on the far left in this picture?
  5. Who is with James Garner here?
  6. Which famous Robert is this in his first onscreen role?
  7. Who is playing this uncharacteristically violent role?
  8. This English actor was a guest star before becoming one of the Maverick men. Who is it?
  9. Do you recognize this sitcom star?
  10. Which sitcom is this actor from?

Can you recognize all these famous guest stars on Maverick?

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EllisClevenger 8 hours ago
You got 10 out of 10
Do you wish you'd gotten Moore right? Try another quiz!
JZ6030 13 hours ago
10/10 but guessed on Max Baer too. Dawn Wells had to be really young in that shot.
RIP to all my Hollywood favorites.
Tommy 3 days ago
10/10 guessed on couple of them especially max baer
Toot1956 4 days ago
I never watch Maverick, and aced them all.
MrBill 4 days ago
10/10; enjoyed the challenge but certain facial features helped me be able to recognize all of them.
MarkSpeck 5 days ago
Nine out of ten. Missed on the Dawn Wells question. I also thought that the one that was Max Baer, Jr., was Larry Pennell , who played Dash Riprock on Beverly Hillbillies.
fxp2 5 days ago
Got them all but had to think about Max Baer Jr.
a1k9 7 days ago
I missed #10. I didn’t recognize him and I still didn’t after I saw the answer.
bobbygood a1k9 3 days ago
I convinced myself it was Col. Klink from “Hogan’s Hero’s.”
jimmyvici 7 days ago
10/10...lucky. I guessed at three and got lucky! 😀
frances3agape 7 days ago
WooHoo - wasn't expecting, but ACED it !
Correctly guessed No 10 's Max Baer Jr
Gitch64 7 days ago
10/10 well that doesn’t happen often 😁
MikefromJersey 7 days ago
10 for 10. I love Maverick.
They might as well have named The Rockford Files "The Maverick Files", as James Garner's
Jim Rockford is Maverick updated to the 1970's. The fondly remembered character "Lance White"
played by Tom Selleck in two Rockford Files is what first got him a lot of attention in Hollywood.
Lance was originally a character on Maverick called Waco Williams in episode # 48, the highest
rated episode of the entire series.
When I saw the Maverick film with Mel Gibson in the theater, I KNEW from the get go that
Garner would turn out to be Pappy Maverick, it was a given for any Maverick fan.
LittleMissNoName 8 days ago
9 out of 10. Last one tripped me.
I forgot to send you the regular notice to join our movie quiz if you like. I will be posting it in 20 min or so. The quiz will go up in the Twilight Zone Where is Everybody MeTV quiz section near or at the top at that time. I was trying to remember who had played in the past. I will include you for future ones if you wish.
This is what you should have got hours ago, sorry.
!!Wanted!! but preferred Alive
Those that wish to participate in the Weekly Movie Quiz.
Conversation as to what this movie might be
Winners name in MeTV Lights
Just plain ole fun
We love guessing right or wrong
Quiz is @ Twilight Zone "Where is Everybody" Quiz page. Right near the phone booth....
8 P.M-8:30 P.M. CST thereabouts
Had to run some errands earlier, but always feel free to send me an invite.
Okay. It has just ended with the winning guesses. I will.
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