Can you recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Cannon?

Try to I.D. these sci-fi heroes, rock idols and movie stars!

Cannon remains one of the most entertaining detective shows of the Seventies. William Conrad makes for an unlikely action hero, and that is the charm. The boat-sized car, the fancy bachelor pad, the karate chops — it all adds up to a vintage delight.

The show also featured a bunch of famous guest stars. Simply naming them would be too easy. We added an extra layer of pop culture trivia. See if you can ace this one!

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  1. You could find this sci-fi hero in which '80s blockbuster?
  2. Which two characters from the 4077th do you see here?
  3. You know her best by what character name?
  4. In the world of Happy Days, her character had which last name?
  5. He headlined which awesome '70s Spielberg film?
  6. Look closely and you will find a member of which popular 1960s rock band?
  7. Speaking of pop music, this actor played an iconic 1970s action hero on TV and sang a No. 1 hit of 1977. Pick the correct character and song.
  8. In this scene, you'll find the star of which acclaimed 1970s film?
  9. He costarred in which blockbuster action movie?
  10. This actress made her TV debut on Cannon. She later played which iconic comic character?

Can you recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Cannon?

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EllisClevenger 1 day ago
You got 10 out of 10
You glided right through that like a breeze! Nice work!
Threnody 6 days ago
I got 10 of 10. I'll also admit that I still own the 45 of David Soul's foray into pop music. I loved that song back in the day!
Don't hate it now...😬
MrBill 6 days ago
10/10; tried it again, did one better, and got a perfect score.
AgingDisgracefully 6 days ago
I'll use any excuse to say, "CANNON!"
David 6 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
You glided right through that like a breeze! Nice work!
KellyTenace 6 days ago
10 for 10, but this quiz is only about recognizing 70s and 80s celebrities, and virtually nothing about the show Cannon. Obviously, since I literally never watched a single episode of Cannon.
RoberttheWallace 6 days ago
10/10--Too easy, but still entertaining!
CouchPotato19 6 days ago
10/10, I own all the DVD's and watch 'em before bed, sometimes, even if I've seen 'em dozens of times! He's so sexy - porn star mustache 'n' all! Mmmmmm-mmmmm!!!
Fat guys across America thank you for your post. You may have to get on top, but the ride is always worth it!
Greg 6 days ago
Who can guess the show the image by my name came from
CouchPotato19 Greg 6 days ago
Monty Python
Greg 6 days ago
10/10 Mane does Emilio Esteves look like his father Martin Sheen
Jeffrey 8 days ago
''You got 10 out of 10'' ----------------You glided right through that like a breeze! Nice work!
Muleskinner 8 days ago
10/10. I thought the photo of Nick Nolte was Larry Wilcox of CHIPS, though.
dictracy 9 days ago
10/10 That was extremely easy, needs to be a little more challenging
texasluva 9 days ago
The answer to the movie quiz is below. Someone by the name of MrsPhillHarris guessed it. .

From out of the bush come The Zulu Nation. With thousands strong to wipe out a 1,500 British station. Now eyes set on a small British outpost at Rorke's Drift. The Zulu's are ready for such a rift. Though steadfast Brits we know them well. Refuse to disembark before the swell. Now to see what they are up against. That the Zulu's are really bent.
ZULU (1964) 2h 18min
Color (Technicolor)
Stanly Baker
Jack Hawkins
Ulla Jacobsson
Michael Caine
Nigel Green
jschliclbernd9 9 days ago
Aced it haven't watched Cannon in year's. I only have streaming services and they don't carry metv.
BustaNutter1 Joseph 9 days ago
Do you have a Fire stick? I believe you can stream METV with that.
Absolutely not.
I thought Metv was streaming. All you have to do is log on to their website.
jersey 9 days ago
I wish svengooly would play duel again
BustaNutter1 9 days ago
9 out of 10. I like all of those "Quinn Martin Productions" from the 70's. Bold to make fat guys and old men the male leads. Today's shows are all about pretty boys, even though they can't act.
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