Can you properly spell the names of these classic cereals?

Hurry, before your memory gets soggy.

You grew up eating them — but can you spell your favorite breakfast cereals? Here are some memorable bowlfuls. See if you can get the brand name correct.
  1. You gotta start with the classics.
  2. No cereal spelling bee is complete without it.
  3. You remember his rank, but can you spell the cereal?
  4. They are for kids, as the commercials say.
  5. Spell it again, Sam.
  6. Now how about this one?
  7. Does one a day keep the doctor away?
  8. Try not to go cuckoo.
  9. Like eating right out of the jar.
  10. Finally, let's take it back to a '60s treat.
Can you properly spell the names of these classic cereals?

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WILD 18 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
You scarfed that one right down! What a rush! I expected more questions that just 10.
ThelmaHenry 19 days ago
I got 8 out of 10 pretty good 👍
BubbaPacha77511 19 days ago
3/10 lmao......i guess i misunderstood yhe instructions idea how i got 3 correct
Bobbo 19 days ago
10/10! I love me my breakfast cereals!
dmak66 19 days ago
I never heard of Fruit Brute!
legion1a dmak66 18 days ago
Me too!
But I guessed it right.
They must not have been advertised on NYC commercials.
The ones that I knew, I knew from the commercials on cartoon shows.
My mom would cook breakfast, or sometimes it was corn flakes, never sugar cereals!
cperrynaples legion1a 18 days ago
Fruit Brute was a monster cereal [i.e. Frankenberry and Count Chocula], and Tarantino featured it in Pulp Fiction!
WILD dmak66 18 days ago
I never heard of Fruit Brute before either. The only reason I knew Quisp was from an ad in a comic book that I once read.
This quiz was sort of tough for me. I rarely ate cereal as a kid. I was and always have been the eggs, bacon/sausage/ham, toast and juice/milk type.
MrBill 19 days ago
8/10; missed Froot Loops and Apple Jacks.
Geronimo 19 days ago
Most of these cereals I never ate
ETristanBooth Geronimo 13 days ago
10/10. Neither did I. Just Cheerios (preferably Honey Nut) and I recall once getting a box of peanut butter cereal as a child. It may have been Cap'n Crunch.
Barry22 19 days ago
10/10, last week on The Simpsons Homer made a joke about Quisp cereal.
DouglasMorris 21 days ago
9/10! missed #5. fruit loops did me in!
And you're still spelling it wrong...LOL! Kellogg's did it to avoid having to use real fruit flavoring!
JeffTanner 21 days ago
''You got 9 out of 10'' --------------You scarfed that one right down! What a rush! Got #6 wrong.
cperrynaples 21 days ago
10/10! I know my cereals!
10/10. So do I know my cereals. See my comments below after teire's.
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