Can you pick the correct animal to complete these horror movie titles?

Suspense and shock beyond any animal you have seen or imagined!

Are you the king when it comes to creature features?

See if you can pick the right animal to complete the names of the best big bug, monster and other horror movies over time.

Try not to get your claws crossed! Good luck!

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  1. The Library of Congress called this 1963 Alfred Hitchcock nightmare starring Tippi Hedren “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant":
  2. In 1991 this horror movie became the first scary film to win an Oscar for Best Picture, which takes its name from a memorable quote about which animal?
  3. The first time we saw Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff onscreen together was in this 1934 horror movie:
  4. People couldn’t decide which part they liked better about this shocking 1986 film, the crazy make-up effects or Jeff Goldblum:
  5. This 1990 black comedy horror movie taught the whole world that Arachnophobia is the fear of which insect?
  6. This 1956 horror movie was about mutant humanoids who live deep under the Earth:
  7. This 1959 picture from Roy Del Ruth was about a young nurse who suddenly recalls her horrific past, and it’s so bad the doctors decide to suppress the memory for her.
  8. The 1971 horror film Willard is said to have inspired Jaws and is about an awkward man who shirks a social life to spend more time with this animal:
  9. The 1954 movie Them was one of the first “big bug” features of the 1950s. Which insect did it make a monster?
  10. Bob Hope starred in this bizarre horror comedy from 1939 (also remade in 1978) about an eccentric millionaire who dies and has his will read at midnight:
  11. This 1972 “eco-horror” movie was criticized because its victims died by snakes, birds and lizards, but not which title animal?
  12. This cult film from 1967 is another black horror comedy that centered on three siblings, including one obsessed with which insect?
  13. Atomic radiation blew up which insect for this creepy 1959 creature feature set in Florida:

Can you pick the correct animal to complete these horror movie titles?

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Snickers 35 months ago
13 out of 13. Where's " The Deadly Mantis"?
frances3agape 41 months ago
YAY - Finally ACED one !
Did have to semi-guess on the last one tho. Have not seen it but sounds bad enough to creep me out
LindaWilliams 59 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Forget one hit wonders, you're a one word wonder!
pw 62 months ago
13/13. Had to guess on a couple of them tho.
Tresix 68 months ago
13/13. Two mentioned spiders but calls them "insects", which they are not. In fact, there is no insect in question 5 but they use the word in the question.
Lon 68 months ago
12/13. better than I thought that I would do
RobCertSDSCascap 68 months ago
13/13! Hooray for B movies.
Saw 6 and 13 on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Hilarious!
nerakr 68 months ago
9/13. Not bad considering I don't watch horror movies and was only positive on three or four of them.
james 68 months ago
15/15 easy for me as i am one of the undead movie freaks from the 1940,s
Tresix james 68 months ago
And really weird considering that there are only THIRTEEN questions!
hamilton 69 months ago
How did Willard inspire Jaws?
anthony hamilton 69 months ago
Good question.👍
anthony anthony 69 months ago
I do know that Willard had a sequel called Ben that had a song of the same name recorded by very young Michael Jackson,that was a #1 hit and was nominated for an academy award for best original song.
anthony anthony 69 months ago
I just checked it out on wikipedia and apparently Willard inspired Jaws due to the fact that it was horror film with a wild animal as it's predator.
cperrynaples anthony 69 months ago
Not really the same thing: Willard trained his rats to kill Ernest Borgnine, whereas the shark acted out of natural instinct!
frances3agape anthony 41 months ago
the book JAWS was based on true events at the turn of the 20th century not only at the beach but in a river in the Northeasat
scp 69 months ago
13 out of 13.

Leeches and spiders are not insects, by the way.
Nightshade1972 scp 44 months ago
That's why I missed the question about leeches. "Atomic radiation blew up which insect?" Leeches aren't insects, so it never occurred to me that was the right answer.
richardkel 69 months ago
11/13. Missed the Alligators and Frogs.
MrsPhilHarris 69 months ago
10/13 Missed Alligators, Frogs and Leeches.
stephaniestavropoulos 69 months ago
You haven't lived until you've had ants crawling around inside you! I speak from experience!
What are you, an anteater?
That's at least a short film 😸
pw harlow1313 62 months ago
Never had ants in me (or in my pants), but I did almost swallow a cockroach once. He snuck in to my pepsi can while I was stocking shelves, and when I felt his feet moving in my mouth I felt like there was a little too much fizz in my pepsi, and spit him out.
Nightshade1972 pw 44 months ago
I lived in Houston, TX for many years. They have hot and humid summers. Roaches are just part of the furniture, nothing to do with your abilities as a housekeeper--they'll find a way in. I was drinking a Dr Pepper once, and realized too late that a small wood roach had crawled inside the can. I spit it out, dumped the rest of the can, and rinsed out my mouth with lots of water.
Hopefully not in your internal organs, Steph!
Discovery Health channel had a piece about a girl in India who had a nest homesteading in her ear. In hot summer the family slept outside on their balcony
BrittReid 69 months ago
13/13 Bring on the critters...
CatMomWanda BrittReid 69 months ago
I loved the critter movies. Humans were always up to no good and deserved what they got. 😼
CatMomWanda 69 months ago
12/13. I missed Frogs, which is annoying since I have seen it several times. Frogs were everywhere. I didn't remember that they didn't kill any of the people.
frances3agape CatMomWanda 41 months ago
Yes, I just recalled droves of them hopping around.
And the only way they could have killed was clogging someone's nose/mouth/throat.
Always liked Ray Milland. Sad to see him reduced to that movie role
Dicazi 69 months ago
I remember an older movie about piranha. It wasn't really a horror movie, but it sure scared me.
And a giant praying many is and a wasp.
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