Can you guess which TV show these clowns are on?

Prove you know Hoho from Chuckles.

Classic TV is chock full of legit clowns, from Clarabell to Krusty - but today's quiz unloads a clown car of guest stars we saw appear on TV shows that didn't typically feature this brand of tomfoolery.

Think you can figure out which hit show these clowns were featured on? See if you've got a bright red nose for this kind of thing...
  1. We're used to this clown wearing a different hat on which show?
  2. A crazy toymaker turned the doctor on which classic show into a clown?
  3. There unfortunately weren't a lot of laughs with the clown in this scene from which hit show?
  4. This clown as a recurring character on which workplace sitcom?
  5. This clown turned up on the couch on which TV show, rather unexpectedly?
  6. We regularly saw this clown portrait in the boys' room on which family sitcom?
  7. This creepy clown is from a memorable episode of which anthology series?
  8. Hoho the Clown was a fictitious cherished kids show within which real TV show?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  9. At the end of this crime drama, this toy clown is the key piece of evidence to solve the mystery:
  10. On which TV Western did this clown appear with tricks up his sleeve?
  11. This circus performer was definitely not clowning around on which hit drama?
  12. There's a beauty under all that clown makeup in a two-part episode on which '70s show?

Can you guess which TV show these clowns are on?

Your Result...

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DerekBird 13 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
You're no TV show's fool. Seriously impressed!
ndebrabant 27 months ago

You got 12 out of 12
You're no TV show's fool. Seriously impressed!
Terrence 33 months ago
Question #11 was really tough.....................................11/12
Carrie 33 months ago
12/12 Guesses, so many guesses
MrBill 33 months ago
10/12; fun and enjoyable even though I missed a couple.
BarryHoffman MrBill 33 months ago
I got 10/12 too.
daDoctah 33 months ago
Can't watch MeTV. Clowns will eat me!
RobCertSDSCascap daDoctah 33 months ago
EllisClevenger 33 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
You're no TV show's fool. Seriously impressed!
Barry22 33 months ago
12/12, down here in So FL we had a Ho-Ho the Clown, who in the 60's would appear on The Skipper Chuck show and do magic, etc. Sadly (I'm not kidding) he killed himself and The good Skipper actually went on the air and tried to explain it to the kids.
RobCertSDSCascap Barry22 33 months ago
Sad clowns say so much.
scp 33 months ago
11 out of 12. Call me Hamilton Burger, because Perry Mason beat me.
anthony 33 months ago
11/12.Perry Mason got me again.BTW you could have just as well called this quiz guess the tv show.
richardkel 33 months ago
10/12. Guessed on #10 and 11. I Thought WWW episodes were all in color?
RobCertSDSCascap 33 months ago
10/12! Stuff yourselves back into your Chiropractor Special!
*8- "Don't touch Ho-Ho's nose".

SNL flashback.
Dicazi 33 months ago
I do not remember Hoho on Bewitched. But I recognized the room.
RobCertSDSCascap Dicazi 33 months ago
That's a sweet name. In one episode, Endora used her powers to win
the giant loaded toy box for Tabitha. Courtesy of Ho-Ho's show.
Jeff 33 months ago
12 of 12. Got stuck for a moment on #9. I was trying to figure it out based on the guy standing and the woman in the wheelchair--not noticing the giveaway rumpled trench coat!

EllisClevenger Jeff 33 months ago
There was a trench coat in the picture? I had to go back, but, yes, I see it now.
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