Can you pass the giant Gunsmoke quiz?

How well do you know this classic TV Western?

Gunsmoke remains one of the biggest successes in television history. Generations have grown up with Marshal Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty, Doc Adams and the rest of the gang.

We want to see who knows this beloved Western the best. If you can get more than 20 of these questions correct, consider yourself an honorary deputy. Good luck, partner!

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  1. Gunsmoke takes place in what town?
  2. And that town is located in which state?
  3. This actor starred as Marshal Matt Dillon.
  4. What actor portrayed Matt Dillon in the radio edition of Gunsmoke?
  5. Gunsmoke was the longest-running primetime live-action TV series of the 20th century. How many seasons were there?
  6. James Arness appears in all of those seasons. What other actor appears in every season?
  7. What is Festus' last name?
  8. Several TV movies followed the season. The final Gunsmoke made-for-TV movie was called 'Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice.' It aired in what year?
  9. This iconic Hollywood star introduced the first episode.
  10. What was Doc's first name?
  11. What was the name of Miss Kitty's saloon?
  12. Who was the bartender in the saloon?
  13. Gunsmoke spawned just one spin-off television series. What was it called?
  14. The actor who portrayed Doc Adams on the Gunsmoke radio program went on to become which iconic Andy Griffith Show character?
  15. The first 12 seasons originally aired on which day of the week on CBS?
  16. James Arness' younger brother was a famous TV star, too. Who was his brother?
  17. Chester Goode was played this future star of McCloud.
  18. Which character appeared on Gunsmoke first: Quint or Festus?
  19. How many seasons were produced in black & white?
  20. The name Matt Dillon's horse is given in one episode, "The Bullet." What was the horse's name?
  21. What is the name of the woman who takes over the saloon for Miss Kitty in season 20?
  22. Chester obsesses over which beverage?
  23. This Star Trek actor appeared in four episodes, playing four different characters, including a Native American.
  24. This Star Wars star appeared in two episodes, "The Sodbusters" and "Whelan's Men."
  25. Which of the following characters was NOT a deputy of Matt Dillon?
  26. This gunman shoots Matt Dillon in the first episode — and becomes the first character to die on the series.
  27. This famous actor played the LAST character to be killed on Gunsmoke.
  28. Doc Adams has a photo of which president hanging in his office?
  29. What city was Kitty's hometown?
  30. After Gunsmoke ended, James Arness starred in two more TV series. Pick the show that did NOT feature James Arness.

Can you pass the giant Gunsmoke quiz?

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morticia77 5 months ago
24/30 should have known hannah, tricked by the dirty sally spinoff so i clicked sally without thinking about it.
LynCarrigan 6 months ago
24/30. Not too bad. The ones I got wrong I just didn’t know and made bad guesses. I watch Gunsmoke every day; one of the really great shows. Thanks ME TV!
Thacket 14 months ago
20/30 .............................. yikes
Snickers 31 months ago
17/30 As you can guess not a big Gunsmoke fan
Samuel 45 months ago
I guess that John Anderson, John Dehner, Warren Oates and Victor French probably appeared on GUNSMOKE more times than just about any other guest stars I can think of.
bob123 Samuel 37 months ago
Morgan Woodward guest starred on the seminal western series “Gunsmoke” a record 19 times. He was the road gang Deputy with the sunglasses in "Cool Hand Luke" amount other accomplishments
Cowgirl 45 months ago
You got 30 out of 30
Darn impressive! You know Dodge City like the back of your hand!
Muleskinner 47 months ago
30/30. I have seen all the episodes. A wrong answer on # 26 is Tip Corey. That was the name of a character on The Rifleman, played by guest star Sammy Davis Jr.
Cowgirl Muleskinner 45 months ago
That question asked which gunman shot Matt Dillon in the first episode & was the first charater to die on the series. It didn't ask which characters appeared on the series.
JuneMiller 48 months ago
30/30 How many of you "heard" Haggen in Festus' voice?
Cowgirl JuneMiller 45 months ago
Ken Curtis developed that twang just for the role of Festus. He was a guest star in several black & white episodes & spoke in his normal voice. He had a wonderful singing voice & was the lead singer on the Sons of the Pioneers for several years.
Rickey 58 months ago
You got 22 out of 30
Darn impressive! You know Dodge City like the back of your hand!
ndebrabant 60 months ago

You got 27 out of 30
Darn impressive! You know Dodge City like the back of your hand!
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