Can you name these minor 'M*A*S*H' characters?

Do you recognize these faces from the 4077th?

We all know and love Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Klinger and Radar. Over 11 seasons, M*A*S*H delivered dozens of memorable characters, from the series regulars to the one-off guests who pop in to the tent to have a pool ball removed from their mouth.

You've cried during the finale, you've laughed at the pranks for years. So, how well do you know these minor characters from M*A*S*H

  1. This Hawaiian nurse appeared in 167 episodes. The actress had the same name as her character. What was it?
  2. This comic relief character dished out laughs and often food.
  3. You might recognize this actor from the 'Police Academy' movies. But who was his southern character on 'M*A*S*H'?
  4. This psychiatrist had his hands full with Klinger and the crew.
  5. Hawkeye's love interest didn't stick around for long. What was her name?
  6. That's not Oscar the Grouch in the can. Who is this intelligence agent?
  7. This "Z.Z." was on top when it came to the camp's electricity.
  8. He was played by two different former pro football players in the movie and TV show. After a significant role early one, he faded away. Who was this other member of the Swampmen alongside Hawkeye and Trapper?
  9. His name wasn't very nice.
  10. This nurse shared a name with a 'Gilligan's Island' castaway.
  11. This local kid plays a prominent role in the pilot.

Can you name these minor 'M*A*S*H' characters?

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