Can you name these games from just their boards?

Did these games ever cause an argument or give you the right to brag?

Board games have been a pastime for family and friends for decades.

They're a great way enjoy each other's company and keep occupied on rainy days. Over the years, there have been some classics that are still popular and will be for years to come.

Take a look at the board games below, all of which can be purchased in the MeTV Mall, and see if you can name them!

No rolling to see who goes first for this one, jump right in! Good luck!

  1. This is the setup for what game?
  2. This is the board to...
  3. This classic is...
  4. If you see this on the floor, we're playing...
  5. This board belongs to...
  6. Can you make out what game this board belongs to?
  7. Be quick to write down your answers for this game of...
  8. This is a picture of...
  9. If you see this board, what game are you playing?

Can you name these games from just their boards?

Your Result...

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texasluva 1 month ago
8 out of 9-Only played 3 of these.
Steve67 1 month ago
9/9 Knew most and the couple I didn't not very hard to figure out
vinman63 1 month ago
For shame the quiz was to advertise their shopping link.
abuadamin 1 month ago
Seven out of nine. The two I got wrong are from before my time, I guess.
Mblack 1 month ago
Could you get the Popamatic gizmo separately? Or did they use it in another game? It was that dice thing that intrigued me, and somehow I don't remember it as being only connected to Trouble.
daDoctah Mblack 1 month ago
I've got miniature keychain-sized versions of both Trouble! and Twister. The Twister one is in the form of a box with a spinner on the outside and portable color dots inside for you to lay out your own playing surface.

The Trouble! one has a teeny version of the Pop-O-Matic.
LoveMETV22 1 month ago
The Ultimate Board game which of course no one could have, was action packed, and had to be be played from beginning to end, would have to be:
JHP 1 month ago
I got two ultra fav board games

#1 Scotland yard
#2 Clue

when I was a kid it was Trouble:)
JHP 1 month ago
6/9 - got bitten by the guess who game (never heard of it). Only am of fan of the band group
Gossemer 1 month ago
9/9 Too easy MeTv, you needed some more obscure ones. I remember all of them. Water works was one of my favorites!.
JHP Gossemer 1 month ago
WW - never heard or saw that one either
retro6 1 month ago
8/9 I don’t remember the Rack-o game.
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