Can you name these crushes on The Brady Bunch?

Sometimes dates went well, sometimes plans fell through and sometimes the Brady hearts were broken... Do you know by who?

As the kids from The Brady Bunch got older, they went on more dates! Some stuck around longer than others, and some were just mentioned and never seen on the show. 

Take a look at these images and see if you can recall the names of these dates, girlfriends, boyfriends and crushes from The Brady Bunch!

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  1. This is Marcia's boyfriend, who dumps her for another girl. Do you recall his name?
  2. Jan has a crush on this kid, who is giving this look to Marcia! What is his name?
  3. After that didn't work out, Jan creates an imaginary boyfriend. Can you remember his name?
  4. This is Alice's boyfriend...
  5. Who is this girl who dates Greg while trying to become head cheerleader?
  6. Bobby crashes Greg's date with...
  7. This crush of Marcia is...
  8. Who dumps Marcia after she is hit with a football in this famous scene?

Can you name these crushes on The Brady Bunch?

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