Can you name these chart-topping music acts of the 1970s?

Do you recognize these groups who scored No. 1 hits?

They brought joy to the world and the best of their love. They played that funky music. They offered afternoon delights. 

All of these musicians hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the 1970s — and sat atop the charts for multiple weeks. 

So surely these rock, pop and disco stars would be recognizable, right?

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  1. This trio showed their variety with a handful of smashes.
    Image: Elektra Records / Discogs
  2. They rocked 1979 with a massive new-wave hit.
    Image: Capitol Records / Discogs
  3. They claimed the next to last No. 1 hit of the decade with a love song.
    Image: AP Photo
  4. They owned the disco floor with two No. 1 hits in the late '70s.
    Image: Atlantic Records / Discogs
  5. Their soft-rock classic was inescapable in the Bicentennial summer as it skyrocketed to the top.
    Image: The Everett Collection
  6. Few bands had more chart success in the early decade. And they did it with cover songs.
    Image: ABC / Dunhill Records / Discogs
  7. These funky Ohio rockers were all the rage 40 years ago.
    Image: Epic Records / Discogs
  8. This German disco act flew high "up, up to the sky" in 1975.
    Image: Jupiter Records / Discogs
  9. They brought the best of their love to the dance floor.
    Image: Columbia Records / Discogs
  10. United, this duo topped the charts in 1978 and it felt so good.
    Image: Polydor / Discogs
  11. Her No. 1 smash rang in the "brand new" year in 1972.
    Image: Buddah Records / Discogs

Can you name these chart-topping music acts of the 1970s?

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Kiyone57 7 months ago
In #10 the song is "Reunited", not United.
As for Three Dog Night having their hits from cover versions, that was the norm at that time. Most performers' material was written by outside writers.
Tammy 7 months ago
You got 10 out of 11!
Muh-muh-muh-my! You've done well! You know your Seventies music. Wasn't paying attention and Chose Ashford and Simpson I knew better my excuse anyway
Dario 7 months ago
For MeTV's information, The Knack were not New Wavers, nor was "My Sharona" a "New Wave" song. It was a straight foward hard rock song, that's all. 🙄😒
Joe 7 months ago
The Silver Convention got me!
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