Can you fill in the blank to complete these Oscar-nominated Tom and Jerry titles?

The iconic cat and mouse are among the most awarded animated characters in history.

 Warner Brothers

While Looney Tunes and Disney shorts certainly won their fair share of accolades, Tom and Jerry were Oscars favorites. The pair won seven Academy Awards in ten years. They were nominated another six times.

We’ve collected the titles from ten Oscar-winning or Oscar-nominated Tom and Jerry original theatrical shorts and taken out one word from each. Can you fill in blank for all these classic cartoons?

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  1. The Cat _____
  2. The Yankee Doodle _____
  3. _____ Up Your Troubles
  4. _____ Mouse
  5. The _____ Mouseketeers
  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. _____
  7. Jerry’s _____
  8. The _____ Orphan
  9. _____ Trouble
  10. _____, Pussy Cat!

Can you fill in the blank to complete these Oscar-nominated Tom and Jerry titles?

Your Result...

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RazzMatazz71 2 months ago
10/10 aced another I am a true Tom and Jerry fan
BradBeall 2 months ago
8 of 10. Seems to be a recurring thing for me...
Tanisha32 2 months ago
8/10 I thought I would get them all seeing that I'm such a fan. I don't understand why the Boom network is the only one that shows it regularly. With all of the cartoon network options available these days, more Tom and Jerry please.
JeffPaul76 2 months ago
"You got 5 out of 10" ------"Did you get caught by these questions? --Try another quiz!"
MikefromJersey 2 months ago
"You got 5 out of 10. Did you get caught by these questions? Try another quiz!"

Growing up in Jersey we watched the NYC stations, and none of them ran Tom & Jerry
or the MGM cartoons. Channel 5 had all the Loony Tunes up to the early 60's, Channel 11
had Hanna Barbara, Channel 9 Courageous Kat and Minute Mouse from the lesser studio
Trans-Artists(I loved The Frog) along with it's other efforts.
They also produced their own kids series like Bozo, Officer Joe Bolton, Wonderama,
some guy with a sailor hat introducing cartoons, Jerry Mahoney.
So I assume they didn't cough up the bucks for the top notch MGM stuff, they didn't
have to, though Bugs and his pals are of course legends and better known today than
the much honored and award winning Tom and Jerry.
1st time I ever saw Jerry was in a old Gene Kelly movie dancing with him, I had no idea
who Jerry was.
Bapa1 MikefromJersey 2 months ago
Didn't CBS in the 60's show the old MGM T&J cartoons on Saturday morning?
MikefromJersey Bapa1 2 months ago
I remember on Saturday CBS running the newer Bugs Bunnys - you could
tell them right away, the production values not as good.
It's possible my memory is faulty regarding Tom & Jerry on CBS Saturday
mornings, as I was always going to watch The Cisco Kid, Bowery Boys, The Millionaire
and other 50's reruns then, as I fed my cartoon 'jones' during the week and wasn't
about to miss my hero Cisco and the others.
Also factoring in was I holed up in the basement watching those reruns on an ancient
TV so it didn't matter they were in black and white(Cisco filmed in color), my dumb
brothers watching the color toons upstairs on our big color RCA.
I say dumb because if my mom had any chores to be done she would pick them off
for duty, while out of sight out of mind me was safely hidden in the basement, with
no lights on so if I heard mom coming down I need only shut the TV off and make
like a quiet possum.
MeFanFromSavan 2 months ago
6/10. Knew several, bombed on every guess.
bmoore4026 2 months ago
7 out of 10. Also didn't know the Tom and Jerry cartoons had so many Oscar nominations. Wonder how many Oscar nominations the Looney Tunes got. Or the Disney shorts.
Kramden62 bmoore4026 2 months ago
Me, too.

I was never crazy for the MGM cartoons. I always liked the Warner Bros. cartoons
much better.
MrsPhilHarris 2 months ago
me too. Guess my memory is not what it used to be!
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