Can you name the real bands that inspired these fictional bands?

The bands are fake, but the knowledge is real.

Maybe you're an expert at band trivia, but how well do you know bands that don't even exist? This quiz is full of trivia questions about bands that have been created for television and film. Answer these real fake questions correctly, and prove that you're the fake real deal!

  1. In Almost Famous, guitarist Russell Hammond shouts "I am a Golden God!" Director Cameron Crowe has confirmed that this line was inspired by the lead singer of this band.
  2. Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Daisy Jones & the Six, now adapted into a television series, has said that she was inspired to write about the fictional title band after watching performances of this very real band on television.
  3. The mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap was inspired by actual band documentaries. Name one of these documentaries.
  4. The TV series Documentary Now covers the highs and lows of the fictional band "Blue Jean Committee" What real band is "Blue Jean Committee" parodying?
  5. When creating The Monkees, inspiration was taken from this group.
  6. Dan Aykrord said that The Blues Brothers were influenced by this Sam.
  7. This Toronto-based blues band served as the inspiration for Jake and Elwood Blues of The Blues Brothers.
  8. Dr. Teeth is the lead singer of The Muppets house band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Which real musical artist is he based off of?
  9. In A Goofy Movie, pop sensation Powerline is inspired by multiple pop artists. Choose one of those artists.
  10. Written by Eric Idle and Neil Innes, the television film All You Need Is Cash is a parody of what band?

Can you name the real bands that inspired these fictional bands?

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AllisonWunderland 16 days ago
Three 🫣…gotta go now
That's okay. M & M still think you're great! 🐶🐶
MichMoose 16 days ago
5/10- (Almost an expert!??) That would be a fail in my school days. I'm ashamed of myself!
graceful1970 16 days ago
You got 7 out of 10
Woah! These bands might be fake, but you're a real expert!
BuckeyeBeth 17 days ago
5/10. So close. I’m almost an expert. Not really though, this quiz was really hard. I guess I don’t know my fake band inspirations as well as I thought. Good job on a really hard one MeTV staff! 👍
trogg888 19 days ago
The last waltz was a film by martin scorce of the band
trogg888 19 days ago
That line about a golden god was in a led zepplin bio
JHP 19 days ago
5/10 - dont really think Santana was pop (#9)
CaptainDunsel 19 days ago
Read through the list, and had a clue about exactly ONE question. (re: "The Pre-Fab Four")
The rest would be like throwing darts blindfolded.
MrsPhilHarris 19 days ago
8 q0 Missed 4 and 7 because my finger hit the wrong one. 🤭
justjeff 19 days ago
5/10... I never saw ANY of those mockumentaries, with the exception of Dr. Teeth..
daDoctah justjeff 19 days ago
What a shame, if only you'd watched one of the movies you could have gone up to eleven.
cperrynaples daDoctah 18 days ago
No he couldn't because there were only 10 questions...LOL! Yes, I got the Spinal Tap reference!
KJExpress 19 days ago
5/10. I thought I was going to get my first 0/10, but I rallied near the end.
I’ve already had my ZERO score, a couple of times 🤭
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